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Final Fantasy 14 All Saints Wake 2022: Everything Included In The Halloween Event

MMO players are always looking forward to their favorite game's season events, and "Final Fantasy 14" fans are no exception, even if the director thinks the game is struggling. Long-time "Final Fantasy 14" players will know that the Winter and Halloween events are always worth participating in, as they often bring new quests and items for players to collect. 

For example, last year's 2022 Starlight Celebration on December 16-31 awarded players with two fuzzy wind-up toys, the Wind-up Rudy and the Squirrel Emperor. In addition, participants were awarded a piece of wall-mounted furniture called Starlight Mobile. Players could snag these items by completing special seasonal quests that expire at the end of the event.

Soon players will be treated to the Halloween-themed All Saints' Wake 2022. The All Saints' Wake event will begin on Wednesday, October 19, at 1 am, a day after the 6.25 patch launches. And according to the announcement post, the event will run until Tuesday, November 1, at 7:59 am (PDT). During the event, players must complete the quests presented to earn rewards. Players can start the questline by talking to the Adventurers' Guild Investigator in Old Gridania and picking up the Level 15 quest, A Mad Masquerade. But some may be wondering what the rewards are. Here is every reward available in this upcoming spooky Halloween event. 

A new glamor set and more

A fashionable six-piece glamor set is the primary reward available to players during the All Saints' Wake 2022 event. The glamor set transforms the player into a wake doctor, complete with a creepy mask. And "Final Fantasy" fashion enthusiasts will no doubt be happy to hear that all pieces of the set are dyeable. With this new Halloween-themed set, players can craft some new unique looks.

Another fun reward coming with the event is the new Eat Pumpkin Cookie emote. Although this emote will likely be a reskin of the other eat emotes, like the Eat Pizza and Eat Chocolate emote, none are quite as festive as this one. This emote will undoubtedly get players in the spooky holiday spirit.

The final reward is a furniture item called Caged Wisp. The item appears to hold a blue firefly-looking spirit inside, and the description reads, "This imprisoned orb of flickering blue flame is not leading anyone astray." However, it's unknown the functionality of the item at this time. Still, although there has already been one Halloween event this year, players don't seem to mind and are excited as ever to dive into the Saints' Wake event to pick up their rewards.