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The Actor Who Plays D'vorah In Mortal Kombat 11 Has Had A Stellar Voice Acting Career

"Mortal Kombat 11" is the latest entry in the classic, fighting game series. "Mortal Kombat" has expanded and evolved since its launch in 1992, adding new features, modes, and characters. Its story and lore have also grown along with its cast, becoming more complex over the years. The series now spans eleven games with dozens of characters and countless twists, reveals, and betrayals.

Among the more recent additions to the series is the character D'Vorah. A formidable fighter and devious schemer with a dark backstory, D'Vorah joined the lineup in "Mortal Kombat 10." While looking humanoid, she's actually a bunch of insects formed into one body with a hivemind. The disturbing reality of the character and her terrifying appearance, however, are starkly contrasted by the actress who brings her to life.

While D'Vorah may be a horrifying and evil monster, Kelly Hu is actually a gorgeous, talented, and kind person.

Hu has lots of experience playing warriors and martial artitsts

Prior to landing the role of D'Vorah, Hu had lots of action roles in her background including in other popular video games. In 2003, she played Lady Deathstrike in X2: X-Men United and, the following year, she broke into video games with a role in "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2." Hu played Visas Marr, the reformed Sith with a tragic past and a connection to one of the game's chief antagonists.

She would later go on to play Lady Shiva in "Arkham Origins" in 2013 and reprise the role in the animated film "Batman: Soul of the Dragon" in 2021. Speaking to CBR before the movie's release, Hu commented on the fact that she's played so many tough, no-nonsense characters. "Yeah, I'm so not that way in real life. I'm such a goofball in real life; that really is an acting challenge for me to be that cool," she jokingly said of herself. 

While it may not be her natural persona, with D'Vorah being added to her list of credits, strong and serious characters have seemingly become a strong suit for Hu as an actor.

Hu finds time for fun between acting roles

In addition to acting, Hu is also a big fan of poker in her free time. She has been playing in a private game with fellow actors for over ten years and has tweeted in the past about her big wins and best hands. Fellow players include former co-stars like Tom Arnold, who joined her in the 2003 martial arts movie "Cradle 2 the Grave," where she played another strong and silent type alongside Arnold's comic relief.

Beyond having a passion for it, Hu apparently has quite a talent for the game as well. In the past, she's taken part in the World Poker Tour Invitational (per Splash Magazine), an event that sees celebrities and professional poker players facing off for charity. She also used to host her own annual poker tournament that gave away prizes and raised money for charity.

Given that much of her poker activities involve support for worthy causes, it's not surprising that activism is another passion for the accomplished actor.

Hu is an activist as well as an actor

Originally born in Hawaii, Hu has devoted time to protecting its ecology. She has worked with Reef Check Hawaii, an organization devoted to preserving the coral reefs of the region. She has also spoken out on the importance of environmental causes while encouraging political participation and supporting get-out-the-vote efforts. Finally, she has also specifically worked to protect sharks, attending events to promote bans on the hunting of sharks for their fins and celebrating victories in state legislatures.

Hu has also supported the Asian American community, participating in campaigns to encourage greater political engagement among this group. Notably, in 2008 she appeared in a short ad alongside fellow Asian American actor George Takei to encourage political participation. Hu got to show off her martial arts skills while Takei revealed that true power comes from voting.

D'Vorah may be one of Hu's more iconic roles but, between her activism, her passions, and her talents, she's about as far from the "Mortal Kombat" character as she could get.