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How Long Does It Take To Beat Scorn?

With the spooky season ramping up, gamers everywhere are looking for new experiences to satisfy their horror itch. And the new first-person horror puzzle game, "Scorn," is the perfect choice for some. In "Scorn," Players take control of a mysterious zombie-looking character that wakes up in a dream-like biomechanical hellscape with claustrophobic corridors and fog-engulfed landscapes. Players then have to solve a range of different puzzles during their journey in addition to blasting enemies in combat to progress. All of this is done to uncover the secrets of this eerily enigmatic world players are plunged into.

The grim presentation of "Scorn" will undoubtedly be unsettling to some. But, according to reviews, those who appreciate gloomy environments will enjoy "Scorn," even if the rest of the game is lackluster. However, at its 40-dollar price tag, some may wonder if the novelty of exploring the unique world is enough to warrant a purchase. And if there is enough content to keep gamers entertained for longer than one session. The easiest way to answer that question is by looking at how long it takes to finish the game. Below is how long it takes to beat "Scorn."

It takes roughly seven and a half hours to finish Scorn

"Scorn" is a linear game with no collectibles or bonuses for completing certain actions, so playtime will roughly be the same for all gamers. However, there is some wiggle room due to "Scorn" being a puzzle game, as playtime can vary depending on how quickly the players can solve puzzles. Additionally, there is combat, but as reviewers point out, there isn't much of it.

IGN's Leana Hafer completed the game at around seven and a half hours of playtime. Hafer wrote that although the game was brief, it was dense and gave them enough time to figure out what they believed to be the secrets of "Scorn." They also noted that most of their game time consisted of solving puzzles, with some being particularly satisfying to overcome.

Alessandro Barbosa at Gamespot finished "Scorn" in seven hours. Although, Barbosa wrote that they didn't enjoy every minute. Barbosa stated that many shocking moments are repeated throughout the game, and, as a result, shock factor becomes tired towards the tail end of the playthrough.

Polygon's Steven Nguyen Scaife reported spending eight hours completing "Scorn." Scaife noted that solving puzzles was much of the game, with combat being minimal throughout. And like Barbosa, Scaife wrote that the early hours were the best and that the game started to lose its charm towards the end.