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Everyone's Worried For Amouranth After Abusive Marriage Reveal

The following article includes references to animal cruelty and allegations of domestic abuse.

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has found tremendous success as a streamer, earning over $1 million a month through her various business ventures. She has also created some of the most bizarre metas of the medium. Beyond these achievements, Amouranth has a tragic history filled with obsessive fans and personal struggles. Adding to these challenges, Amouranth claimed in a recent livestream that she's actually married and that the relationship is fraught with problems.

Prior to this point, Amouranth had reportedly kept her marriage private and away from the public eye. According to the content creator, her husband controls her finances and social media accounts and forces her to record content even when she doesn't want to under the threat of deleting her profiles and taking her money (via Dexerto). She also accused him of breaking her door when she tried to get away from him and putting a hole in the wall. 

Amouranth stated that the pair had seen a therapist, but this only resulted in a brief reprieve. "The therapist even told him that it's a form of psychological abuse and that I'm basically living in a fancy prison," said the streamer. "And then he was changed for a bit. And then the hot tub meta arose." Faced with this footage, which appears to paint a disturbing portrait, fans and other individuals in the industry expressed their concerns about the streamer's safety and well-being.

Amouranth reveals a glimpse of her marriage

While fans can no longer view the stream through Amouranth's official channel, Twitter user @HUN2R shared several clips from the broadcast. The first clip shows Amouranth speaking to a man on the phone, who she identifies as her husband. She accuses him of threatening to kill her dogs after she refused "to do a 24-hour stream." The man tells her to "leave the house" and calls her "a liar." Amouranth starts to cry as the man yells at and berates her, threatening to throw her out again.

In the second clip, a visibly upset Amouranth opens up about her marriage, claiming that she'd hidden the relationship because her husband didn't want to make it public. "I mean, let's just stream together and just tell them that we're [...] married. Because it's like, our marriage would be better if we just stream it instead of fighting all of the time," says Amouranth. According to her, her husband believed that revealing their marriage would damage the profitability of her channel. The clip continues with the streamer making several disparaging comments about her husband.

In the third clip, Amouranth states that her husband maintains control of her accounts. She alleges that he uses this to keep her trapped and that he constantly cycles between good behavior and "threats" and insults. During the final clip, Amouranth shows off a series of threatening text messages that she says came from her husband, with the threats ranging from deleting her socials to depleting her bank account.

The streaming community shows support for Amouranth

Many fans have shown their support for Amouranth in the wake of the livestream. Some on Reddit expressed their shock and worry about the situation. "All these clues with thousands of people watching everyday and no one guessed this was happening behind the scenes," wrote one user. "Really creeps me out and makes me wonder how many clues normal people miss about their friends / family." Another Redditor with a history of being abused weighed in, saying they were concerned for her safety.

People in the streaming industry also showed support for Amouranth. Fellow streamer 39daph offered some kind words in the aftermath of Amouranth's stream. "Genuinely terrified for amouranth and hope she is ok," the streamer said. "She has always been very sweet and its heartbreaking to know the s***storm behind the scenes." 100 Thieves affiliate BrookeAB was equally sympathetic to Amouranth's struggles. "My heart breaks for Amouranth," she said on Twitter. "What she showed last night is terrifying, I hope nothing but safety for her after dealing with something like this for so long." Shortly after, BrookeAB hit back at anyone who made light of Amouranth's situation by either "making jokes" or denying it entirely.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.