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Amouranth Invents Her Own Bizarre Twitch Meta

Without a doubt, Amouranth is among the most controversial streamers on Twitch. In the past, she has faced numerous bans from the platform and has been a magnet of criticism for her suggestive content and shady past. Amouranth — whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa — is so controversial in fact, many have wished for her to be removed from Twitch entirely on the number of bans she's received alone.


One thing that even her most ardent critics must concede to her is this — she's smart. Since joining Twitch, Amouranth has created her own niche and has been one of the most prominent trendsetters in the streaming space. Her highly controversial "hot tub" streams literally created a whole new category on its own, and quickly became one of the hugest metas on Twitch for a time. On average, she draws in $1 million per month from a combination of Twitch subscriptions, OnlyFans subscriptions, and additional sponsorships, causing many in the space to want to emulate her style.

And now, it seems that Amouranth has discovered an entirely new, bizarre Twitch meta that could see her enjoy even more success in the future.


Amouranth bought a plastic ball company and seems to have found a new meta

In early February, Amouranth announced on Twitter that she had purchased a minority stake in a plastic ball factory in order to create a "diversified stream of cash flow." This announcement came months after the 28-year-old streamer shared her $4 million purchase of a gas station, a business move that could've been a big mistake when taking the math into consideration. Regardless, Amouranth has continued to splash her fortune around in order to continue making money through a variety of different avenues, and this minority stake ownership in a plastic ball company might pay off. Judging by early results, ball pits could be a new Twitch meta in the future.


As bizarre as it is, Amouranth has begun writing her subscribers' names on plastic balls whenever they donate at least $2 to her stream, and has begun to fill her room with said plastic balls (via Dexerto). Apparently, it's been crazy successful. On February 19, Amouranth claimed that her stream room had accumulated over 3,600 plastic balls and pondered how many more it would take to fill her room with a pile that was at least four feet deep.

While the stream could be an isolated incident, it's possible Amouranth will continue using the plastic balls in future streams, potentially inspiring a new meta entirely.