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Markiplier Reveals The Only Way He'd Make An OnlyFans

Plenty of content creators find themselves in the position of branching out onto multiple platforms, including the subscriber-only, mostly adults-only platform of OnlyFans. Creators like Amouranth, Indiefoxx, and Alinity have all set up accounts on OnlyFans to share spicy yoga sessions, ASMR videos, and pictures with their nearest and dearest paying fans. While the platform is often a huge moneymaker for streamers, there's one huge creator who has refused to start an account there – until now.

Markiplier's fans have long requested that the horror game enthusiast and YouTuber make an OnlyFans. Back in 2018, Markiplier tried to satiate fans with a "Tasteful Nudes" calendar, and while the photos were indeed tasteful (and frequently hilarious), fans continued asking for him to create an OnlyFans. All of that persistence apparently paid off, as Markiplier recently announced a second part of his Tasteful Nudes project, which would be hosted on OnlyFans. 

However, Markiplier won't just create the OnlyFans out of the goodness of his own heart. Instead, it will be part of a combination podcast promotion/fundraiser that will culminate in an OnlyFans-hosted series of images. Markiplier posted a video titled "I Will Start an OnlyFans..." to lure in viewers, then revealed the strict requirements fans will have to meet before he actually sets up an account.

Markiplier has strict conditions

Markiplier began by emphasizing how many fans had requested he start an OnlyFans account. He said that longtime fans probably wouldn't be surprised by the stunt, but new fans might be confused. The YouTuber summarized what his "Tasteful Nudes" calendar was about, recalling that it was a project to raise money for charity, before saying that his OnlyFans would work in much the same way. All proceeds from the hypothetical OnlyFans account would be donated to charity, but Markiplier isn't just making an OnlyFans unprompted. Fans have to give him something in return, first.

"I will only make an OnlyFans if you meet the following conditions," Markiplier began. The first condition is a hefty ask with a specific goal behind it: Markiplier requested that his fans listen to his podcast "Distractible," rocketing it to the number one spot on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, all with the goal of booting Joe Rogan's podcast from the top spot. "Distractible" must be at the number one spot on both platforms – at the same time – in order for Markiplier to create an OnlyFans.

The second condition that Markiplier laid out for fans was very similar to the first. He said that OnlyFans-hopefuls should listen to another podcast he cohosts, "Go! My Favorite Sports Team," making it the number one sports podcast in the world. If both "Distractible" and "Go! My Favorite Sports Team" don't make it to the top spots, Markiplier will not make an OnlyFans.

Markiplier acknowledged that some of his fans might not want his second round of "Tasteful Nudes" to exist, and that there could be a friendly competition between those in support of an OnlyFans and those against it. Needless to say, Markiplier's fanbase is going wild.

Fans are loving the stunt

Markiplier's fans weren't shy about voicing their excitement online. One Twitter user commented that they weren't a big fan of OnlyFans in general, but might make an exception for their favorite YouTuber.

One Twitter user pointed out that Markiplier's OnlyFans stunt highlighted the differences in how fans treat men and women online. "the fact that men harrass and belittle female gamers for having an OnlyFans yet girls are so excited for the prospect of Markiplier possibly making one is a fantastic display of how men treat women vs how women treat men," they wrote. Other fans were quick to explain that Markiplier has released racy pictures for charity in the past, and that the OnlyFans plan was a continuation of that project.

Others chose to focus on the charity aspect of the project rather than the controversy that often surrounds OnlyFans. One fan tweeted, "Markiplier is literally a man [who's] gonna sacrifice his bare a** for charity." Another fan replied, "Love that for him [for real]." Of course, there were also some fans who campaigned for others to join the fight to boost Markiplier's podcasts to the number one spot – in the name of charity, of course.

One Markiplier fan commented that his campaign for charity was like "the white blood cells of internet culture responding to the last 3 days of infection." With all of the drama that the internet can stir up, it's nice to see Markiplier both promoting himself and raising some money for charity.