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IndieFoxx Calls Out Twitch Following Multiple Ban Appeals

Indiefoxx is one of the most controversial content creators to stream on Twitch. The streamer skyrocketed in popularity in 2021 with her streams in the ASMR and Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches categories awarding her over 2 million followers. However, things kept getting worse for Indiefoxx on Twitch, as the streamer was banned five times over six months. The length of the bans ranged from 24 hours to three days.


Streamers like Alinity argued that the publicity from these bans gave Indiefoxx a boost in viewers and that, because the punishment for sexually suggestive content on the site was too little, it was a low-risk way to gain viewers. Shortly after, however, on June 28, 2021, Twitch issued Indiefoxx with an indefinite ban. Along with receiving her sixth and final ban, the streamer also lost her Twitch partner status.

After the ban, Indiefoxx moved to YouTube, but never amassed quite the size of following she had on Twitch. Now it appears the streamer wants to make a return to Twitch but hasn't been able to do so. Indiefoxx called out Twitch publicly for not letting her appeal her ban.

Indiefoxx alleged that Twitch won't let her appeal

On October 12, Indiefoxx took to social media in a Tweet tagging both Twitch and Twitch Support and writing, "any reason u didn't read my ban appeal and gave me an automated response saying it was 'too recent.'" The streamer argued that it has been a year and three months since the ban and felt it wasn't too early to request an appeal. Appealing a ban is something all banned Twitch streamers can apply for according to the rules, but Indiefoxx wrote that the option to send an appeal was greyed out.


In a follow-up Tweet on an alternate account, Indiefoxx explained that there was no other way to contact Twitch, so she was forced to call out Twitch for answers publicly. Indiefoxx wrote that she has tried to email the company and send a message to the Twitch support account privately, but to no avail.

In her replies, many showed their support for the banned streamer. For example, one user wrote, "the reason why they banned you was ridiculous to begin with," but also argued that there is little she can do to get unbanned. This is plausible, as some have argued that Twitch has a habit of favoritism to certain streamers regarding bans (per Sportskeeda). Still, Indiefoxx's fans want her back, and a few users urged Indiefoxx to ditch Twitch and stream on YouTube exclusively. Unfortunately for her fans, however, Twitch has not responded to Indiefoxx's tweets just yet.