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Everything Minecraft 1.20 Is About To Add

For many "Minecraft" players, the only thing as exciting as playing the game is finding out what's getting added to it in the future. Though the game is well over a decade old at this point, it's still receiving sizable content update. Recent updates have overhauled the generation system for caves and the Nether, added useful items like the recovery compass, implemented a new block with no limits, and introduced mobs like the terrifying Warden, just to name a few highlights (via Minecraft).


Though the game's last major iteration, "The Wild Update," only released last June, excitement is building once again, as "Minecraft" is set to expand even further when its 1.20 update finally releases. While the update is slated for its official debut in 2023, Minecraft Live 2022 brought an in-depth preview of some of the biggest additions that are coming to the game. Here's all the major changes that "Minecraft" 1.20 will introduce.

A selection of new aesthetic options

The "Minecraft" 1.20 update may not yet have a name, but its central focus is already abundantly clear. According to a Twitter thread from the "Minecraft" team, the update is "designed to inspire self-expression, representation, and storytelling." It looks to make good on that premise with a slew of new cosmetic items that shake up the game's established vanilla aesthetic.


While Steve and Alex have been the faces of "Minecraft" for years, the update will see them joined by seven new default skins, each with a distinct appearance to help represent player diversity (via YouTube). The new characters are named Makena, Zuri, Kai, Ari, Sunny, Efe, and Noor. Hardcore "Minecraft" fans may recognize the latter three for appearing in the "Wild Update" trailer in June. Steve's beard also remains intact, for any concerned.

The update also introduces a new variation of signs, referred to as hanging signs. Per its name, the item can be hung on the bottom of other blocks and can be edited to display messages in text. The appearance of the hanging chains change depending on whether the sign is hung underneath a wide or narrow block.


Perhaps the largest aesthetic addition in the 1.20 update is the introduction of a completely new wood set based on a pre-existing item: bamboo. The resource, which is naturally found in jungle biomes, can now be crafted into wooden blocks like planks and doors — each boasting a stylish stripped-bamboo texture.

There's plenty of other additions too

While the aesthetic updates may be exciting, the "Minecraft" 1.20 update adds a bunch of features in other departments as well (via Twitter).

Bamboo can be crafted for structure-building, but it also can be used to make rafts. Functioning as an analogue to boats, rafts allow a user to quickly traverse across water. They also have room to set a single chest onboard, so players can expand their inventory while embarking on lengthy adventures far from home. Bookshelves are also getting an upgrade through the new chiseled bookshelf. This variation can actually house six unique books or book-related items like quills, which can be retrieved or deposited by the player at will. They can also be combined with redstone for unique functionality.


As for mobs, two new entities are set for the update. Found in desert villages, camels function similarly to horses and mules in "Minecraft," but their humped back provides support for two players to climb atop. They can also traverse water by dashing. Meanwhile, the Sniffer is also bound for the update after winning over half of the vote in the 2022 Mob Vote. This animal can locate seeds and other flora that can't be obtained otherwise.

While there's surely more to be announced down the line, early details on the "Minecraft" 1.20 are promising. For those who want to check out some of these new additions early, the game's official Twitter noted that the beta will be available soon.