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How To Quickly Raise Master Rank In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

"Monster Hunter Rise" was released back in 2021 to great reviews from critics. Praised for adding new features, expanding the world, and generally improving on the formula of the series, it was a hit with fans and earned an expansion a year and a half later. "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" dramatically expanded the content, adding a new story and lots of new monsters and places to explore. This all amounted to a minimum of a dozen hours to finish the main plot with much more for the completionists to sink their teeth into after that.

With all the new stuff to do, gamers who want to see everything and max out their Master rank will want to rack up experience and move through the levels as quickly as possible. As the story will only take players to rank six and there are 999 levels to move through, completing the task will require a lot of grinding and being as efficient as possible will be vital to success.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks to speed up the process. It won't be easy but proper planning and execution will help the diligent hunter skyrocket up the Master ranks in no time.

Reaching endgame and breaking through level caps

To start moving up the Master ranks, players will first need to complete the main story. As Eurogamer explains, simply finishing the main quests will raise the Master rank as progress is made and will leave a hunter at level six by the end. This is just the beginning, however. Next, it will be necessary to continue ranking up and unlocking new level caps.

Game8 recommends focusing on multi-monster quests from here. Defeating multiple monsters at once will win much more experience for a little extra time. It's also a good idea to prioritize Elder Dragons and Anomalies early on. While the experience to time spent ratio will become less favorable as a player levels up, they will be a great way to rank up early on.

Finally, it's important to note that hunters will hit new level caps as they progress. Once a level cap is hit, an Urgent Quest will unlock that must be completed to raise the cap (per Game8). There's no need to worry about completing these quests immediately as experience is still earned and banked even after a cap is hit and will be applied when the cap is raised.

Going through this process will get hunters to level 100, where the level cap will finally be raised for good to 999. Now, the true grind begins.

The big push

With no more caps to unlock, surviving tough fights and finishing them quickly is the key to success. The previous strategy of going after multi-monster quests still applies. Further, more than a few Redditors recommend going after the final story boss over and over again with a full, well-equipped team. With skill and practice, it's expected that this fight should take less than ten minutes to complete, netting some solid experience in a very brief time.

Finally, Polygon offers some excellent tips for surviving the tougher fights, making sure more time is spent defeating monsters and not running from them. Among these tips are being sure to refill items before each fight and taking the time to max out health and stamina by roaming the map and grabbing the various colorful birds that raise it.

It won't be easy but following these tips will make ranking up quicker. After some practice, committed players will be able to call themselves master hunters as they shoot up to level 999.