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Is Street Fighter 6 Cross-Platform?

While it's no secret that greed nearly ruined "Street Fighter 5," even reviews that slammed its unforgivably incomplete release — such as those from IGN or Destructoid — had to admit, the online component was rock-solid. With snappy mechanics, responsive netcode, and cross-play across all of its available platforms, "Street Fighter 5" nailed the online competitive experience — and after a few updates that really should have been part of the day one release, the game has gone on to enjoy a belated positive reception amongst fans (per DigitalTrends).


Now, with "Street Fighter 6" on the horizon, Capcom has a chance to redeem the franchise with a strong release from the get-go. Early previews and teasers showing an entirely new approach to single-player mode have been encouraging on the content front, but it begs one important question. With "Street Fighter 6" releasing across three major platforms in contrast to "Street Fighter 5"'s Playstation and PC exclusivity, will the game be carrying forward its predecessor's strong online multiplayer infrastructure with full cross-platform connectivity?

Street Fighter 6 will have cross-play across all platforms

During Summer Game Fest 2022's Play Days — where game developers offer the attendees more hands-on experience with their games on the exhibition floor — Youtuber and fighting games enthusiast Maximilian Dood was able to confirm "from the devs directly" that "Street Fighter 6" will have cross-platform play. Lucky participants of the closed beta test that ran from October 7 – 10 were able to see this feature in action, as the test had crossplay enabled across all available platforms (per Gamespot).


However, full crossplay capabilities weren't the only part of the multiplayer infrastructure of "Street Fighter 6" that fans are excited about. During the SGF Play Days, Gamespot Managing Editor Tamoor Hussain was able to confirm that the game would be using rollback netcode as opposed to the more traditional delay-based netcode — his tweet was greeted by a cascade of replies from fans looking forward to the much snappier and reliably responsive action they'd be seeing in online matches. Between that and the glowing closed beta impressions from IGN and Kotaku, it looks like "Street Fighter 6" will continue its predecessor's peerless online experience.