Corin MJ Bae

Photo of Corin MJ Bae
Seoul, Korea
McGill University
Video Games, Fandom, Pop Culture
  • Corin is an avid gamer and pop culture enthusiast who's been writing professionally for two years.
  • They worked as an Associate Editor at TheGamer, specializing in guides and reviews of JRPGs and other story-driven games.
  • With a vested interest in fandom history and emerging media, Corin is especially passionate about following and analyzing the evolution of video games as a storytelling medium.


Corin's professional career as a game writer started at TheGamer, where they focused on making comprehensive, clear, and accessible guides to sprawling and detailed JRPGs like Persona 5 Royal or Final Fantasy 14. Some of their best work is from putting these story-driven games to the test of narrative analysis, using their formal education in literature and film as well as their personal familiarity with the limits (and possibilities) of video games. As a lifelong writer and gamer, Corin aims to deliver the same thing in all of their work, be it news, guides, features, or reviews: a quality piece of writing that's fun, informative, and easy to read.


Earning a bachelor's degree in English and East Asian Cultural Studies at Mcgill University gave Corin three valuable things: precise and versatile writing skills, the expert knowledge to contextualize East Asian media as well as the localizations thereof, and a healthy respect for the thankless work of editors.
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