Corin MJ Bae

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Montréal, Canada
McGill University
JRPG History, Final Fantasy Franchise, Splatoon Trivia
  • Corin is a self-proclaimed "Final Fantasy" franchise historian who has grown up with the series starting from "Final Fantasy 8" and has played every mainline single-player title since.
  • They also take a particular interest in the cultural and linguistic motivations behind JRPG localization details, mostly owing to their education in both North American and East-Asian cultural studies (as well as first-hand experience living in both continents).
  • When not gaming, Corin is a hobbyist creative writer who dabbles in fantasy and some video game fanworks. They've participated in a few zines and journals, and hope to publish an original novel sometime soon.


Corin's professional career as a game writer started at TheGamer, where they focused on making comprehensive, clear, and accessible guides to sprawling and detailed JRPGs like "Persona 5 Royal" or "Final Fantasy 14." Since joining SVG in 2022, they've expanded their expertise to various other genres and games with deceptively complex and often misunderstood mechanics. These games include everything from "Minecraft" to "Pokémon." Whether constructing detailed guides or descriptive features, Corin approaches all writing with one goal in mind: delivering a quality piece of writing that's fun, informative, and easy to read.


Corin graduated from McGill University with a B.A. in English and East Asian Cultural Studies. This formal education in literature, film, and media history has given them the expertise to add a more culturally comprehensive angle to any topic, be it adding sociocultural context to breaking news or putting story-driven games to the test of narrative analysis.

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