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Evil Dead Is Coming To Fortnite For Spooky Season

To celebrate the spooky season, "Fortnite" is launching its annual Fortnitemares event. This year's Fortnitemares will run from Oct. 18 through Nov. 4, and will bring the same number of crazy crossovers as previous events. Historically, Fortnitemares introduces new skins and items for players to purchase in the digital shop or unlock through challenges. For example, last year's Fortnitemares event introduced special challenges and new skins like Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead." And this year, Epic Games has even more tricks up its sleeve.


According to an Epic Games blog post, Fortnitemares 2022 will reintroduce the Cube Monsters in Zero Build Horde Rush. Additionally, the update adds a new weapon to "Fortnite" called the Howler Claws. This weapon gives players the Wolfscent Ability, allowing them to track players. After the player hunts down their prey, they can cut them down with a Howler Claw slash.

But of course, what's a Fortnitemares event without some new spooky skins? This event brings one of the most iconic horror protagonists of all time to "Fortnite," a character that made a name for themselves as the zombie-slashing protagonist of the "Evil Dead" series. That's right, Ash Williams is headed to "Fortnite."

Ash Williams is coming to Fortnite

After years of gamers pleading with Epic Games to add Ash Williams to "Fortnite," he is finally here. Ash Williams can be seen in the Fortnitemares 2022 trailer wielding his iconic chainsaw arm and blasting enemies with his shotgun alongside Summer from "Rick and Morty." But the Ash Williams bundle has not appeared in the "Fortnite" Store yet, nor does anyone know when he will be available.


However, FortniteBRFeed posted what looks to be a leaked "Fortnite" Shop image of the upcoming bundle. Looking at the items in the picture, players theorized that the holstered shotgun would be the backbling, the Necronomicon would be his glider, the arm chainsaw would be his pickaxe, and the image at the bottom left would be a loading screen. But players must wait until the items become available to confirm this.

The addition of Ash into "Fortnite" may surprise some, as the actor behind Ash, Bruce Campbell, previously mentioned that "[Ash Williams] doesn't need Fortnite" in an interview with Game Informer earlier this year. But, of course, Campbell's response could have been more a joke than a sure thing. Still, any "Evil Dead" fan who can pry themselves away from "Evil Dead the Game" will most likely be running to the "Fortnite" shop when this skin arrives