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How To Max Out All Four Talent Trees In A Plague Tale: Requiem

One of the most anticipated games of 2022 has finally come out. Asobo Studios' "A Plague Tale: Requiem" is taking players on a trip back to the plague-infested 14th-century French setting where Amicia de Rune continues in her struggle to keep her younger brother Hugo alive in spite of the various enemies that seek their demise. The new game has maintained a lot of the look and feel of its predecessor, "A Plague Tale: Innocence," while seamlessly integrating several upgrades. The visuals are certainly more refined and critics have noted that much of the combat is smoother and more action-forward, but there have been a few mechanical changes. Amicia now has a crossbow in addition to her sling and there is a disposable knife system that allows her to take down armored enemies quickly and silently.

Another change that the game has made is in the way Amicia can unlock the ability to develop talents associated with using certain pieces of equipment. There are four talent trees in "Requiem:" Sling, Alchemy, Gear, and Instruments. These are different from the Prudence, Aggressive, and Opportunism skill trees which are organically upgraded based on Amicia's playstyle. The talent trees require a fair amount of resource hunting and management to execute. Here's how to max out all four.

Upgrading talent trees requires tools and scrap

The talent upgrade system becomes available in Chapter 3 when scrap and tools first become discoverable and Amicia finds the first workbench. In order to max out Amicia's talent trees, players are going to have to be diligent in searching for these resources so that they can spend them at workbenches to unlock abilities. Each of the four categories has three locked abilities that require a certain amount of tools and scrap to unlock (via Gamepur).

Sling allows Amicia's weapon to be modified to be quieter, shoot two stones between reloads, and shoot enemies harder in order to increase how long they're stunned. Alchemy can give Amicia hidden pockets to carry more ammo, increase damage dealt by Ignifers, and make Odoris explosive when it makes contact with fire. The Gear upgrade tree lets Amicia carry an extra pot, additional resources, knives, and pyrites. Then the Instruments tree lets her break down items for pieces, upgrade equipment without a bench, and upgrade equipment without the tool cost.

Unfortunately, even if the player upgrades Instruments first in order to negate the tool cost, ForTheWin has reported that there isn't enough scrap that can be found in a single playthrough to max out all four trees. To do that, players will have to carefully search the game to gather as much scrap as they can in their first playthrough and then pick up the remainder of what they need in New Game+.