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Fortnite: Where To Find The Inkquisitor Boss And How To Beat It

If you're a fan of "Fortnite," then you know it can sometimes get spooky, but in a fun way. The massively popular battle royale game has fully embraced the Halloween season with the "Fortnightmares" event that begun on October 18 and will continue on until November 1. During this time, players won't just be able to participate in a traditional "Fortnite" experience, but will have the opportunity to participate in seasonal quests, challenges, and boss fights. Among these new bosses that players can have a crack at is the Inkquisitor.


In line with the ongoing story during "Chapter 3 Season 4" — a new era in "Fortnite" that is centered around The Paradigm, portrayed by Brie Larsen — the Inkquisitor seems to be a product of Chrome, a mysterious substance that consumes anything it touches. Combine his imposing look mixed with the spooky overtones and a powerful arsenal, and you've got yourself a "Fortnite" villain that will pose a legitimate challenge to even experienced players. But don't get too scared! Here's how to find and conquer the Inkquisitor.

Where to find the Inkquisitor

Unlike other bosses in "Fortnite" that can be found roaming around freely at any point in the game, the Inkquisitor can only be found if you travel to a specific place on the map and initiate a fight with him. To do this, you will have to head to Grim Gables. Make your way to the mansion's sub-level. To access the house, you can either step on the red rug or use the coal mining entrance at the west of the area.


Should you choose to descend to the bowels of Grim Gables through the mine entrance, you might have to deal with some jump-scaring enemies before encountering the Inkquisitor. These pesky things won't pose much of a threat to you, but they will give you quite a fright if you're not ready for them. After a short distance down the entrance, you should see an open area marked by 6 bowl-like ornaments surrounding an ominous octopus-eqsue symbol on the ground. When you step into it, the symbol will illuminate red, the ground will begin to shake, and a musical swell will build to the Inkquisitor revealing itself. 

Motion is key to beating the Inkquisitor

It's important to note that the Inkquisitor is a boss character. Therefore, it's recommended that you have full health, a full shield, and anything above Common weapons in order to take it on. The Inkquisitor's primary method of attack is a Mythic Suppressed SMG, which will deal a ton of damage if you stand out in the open. The boss will also use Firefly Jar projectiles, so constant movement to avoid their blasts will be required. Because the Inkquisitor packs a massive amount of health and a hard-to-destroy shield, you'll need to pepper the boss with tons of shots from more powerful weapons, like an automatic rifle or shotgun.


Perfect Score, recommends keeping your aim high and going for headshots when you get a chance to stop for a second. Meanwhile, a gameplay clip from Fortnite Events also shows that staying in close quarters and constantly jumping in a circular motion may prove to be an efficient strategy, as long as you can keep the Inkquisitor in your crosshairs. Just remember to keep moving or you're toast.

Once you've brought down the Inkquisitor, the boss' loot is yours for the taking.