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Why You Always Need A Knife In A Plague Tale: Reqiuem

"A Plague Tale: Requiem," the sequel to the hit stealth game "A Plague Tale: Innocence," has finally launched, and critic reviews have been generally positive about the sequel. The stealth-action game occurs during a massive plague, where deadly rats run free. Like other games in the genre, players will find that equipment and resources can be scarce. There are a few locked items throughout the game that offer a wealth of resources, but they are sealed up tight, and there are no keys to unlock the goodies.


Thankfully, Amicia is resourceful and can actually get into these stashes with naught but a knife. Considering there is no other way to access these loot-filled items, it's always important to have at least one blade saved in case players stumble upon an opportunity to become a master of unlocking.

Here's what players can get into and why they'll always want to have a knife at the ready in "A Plague Tale: Requiem."

You need a knife to access work benches

According to USA Today, throughout "A Plague Tale: Requiem," players can find workbenches — which contain scrap, tools, and crafting materials. These workbenches can also be used to upgrade your equipment, so finding and using these workbenches is essential to getting better gear in "A Plague Tale: Requiem." However, these workbenches are locked, and it'll require a knife to open them. The workbenches aren't the only locked items that need a knife to open. Players may also stumble upon secret chests hidden throughout the game, offering rare items that players won't want to pass up.


Knives are typically used as a defense item if you get grabbed by an enemy in combat. If players hit the button prompt, a knife is used, and they'll survive the encounter. With that said, if players find themselves down to a single knife, it's better to ignore the prompt and let the enemy kill Amicia, bringing players back to the most recent checkpoint. This might sound a bit annoying, but players stand to lose more than just a little time if they reach a hidden workbench or stash with no means to open it.