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Fortnite: How To Get The Zero Point Pretzel Effect

"Fortnite" was originally a much darker game, and while it's more lighthearted than it was during production, it still returns to its roots at certain times of the year. It's that time again – Fortnitemare is happening from October 18 to November 1, giving players the opportunity to farm XP with extra quests and play unique game modes like Zero Build Horde Rush. "Evil Dead" protagonist Ash Williams is coming to "Fortnite" with the event as well, fulfilling fans' wishes. 2022's spooky season holds a lot of content for players, and one of them includes the return of the candy Zero Point Pretzels.


Zero Point Pretzels are a foraged item in "Fortnite" that only appears during Fortnitemares. The candy grants players the ability to teleport over short distances in the same way that Zero Point Crystals do. This makes them pretty lucrative, as players can use them in the middle of gunfights to reposition themselves and confuse their enemies, as "Fortnite" streamer Tfue showed off.

Luckily for players, there are multiple ways to get Zero Point Pretzels and their overpowered effects. In fact, players may have accidentally had the candies in the past and not even realized or activated the prized item.

Candy Buckets and Chrome Punk

The first and easiest way to get Zero Point Pretzels to consume is by finding them throughout the map. According to the fan wiki, there are Candy Buckets that look like jack-o'-lanterns scattered throughout the world. Breaking them gives a variety of different candies, and Zero Point Pretzels is one of the drops. Keep an eye out for them while tearing stuff down – the Candy Buckets might be on top of something like a counter, and breaking it would also break open the Candy Bucket.


The second way to get Zero Point Pretzels is by talking to Chrome Punk. The pumpkin-headed bot is located in Flutter Barn, and players can buy Zero Point Pretzels from him (via Tfue). It may not be the most conventional method as players have to risk running into anyone else looking to make use of the effect, but it's one quick way to beat the quest in Fortnitemares that's about the candy.

When visiting Chrome Punk, make sure to dance with it – according to Gaming Intel, that's another Fortnitemare quest. Between that quest and the quest for earning the Zero Point Pretzel effect, players can get 30k XP.