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Starfield Is Bringing Back This Obnoxious Elder Scrolls NPC

Bethesda is hard at work on its upcoming space RPG epic, "Starfield." And even though the game hasn't received a hard release date, Bethesda has made some big promises about the sheer scale of the game. As a result, many believe the game may be too ambitious for its own good, and as long-time Bethesda fans will know, the company has a track record of delivering false promises, as highlighted in Crowbcat's hilarious compilation music video.

Still, judging by the continual success of "Skyrim" (per Destructoid), there's likely no shortage of gamers eager to get their hands on a new Bethesda RPG. And recently, "Elder Scrolls" fans got another reason to get excited – or angry – about "Starfield," thanks to a clever call back to a previous "Elder Scrolls" game. Of course, it's not unlike Bethesda to connect their series via little Easter eggs. The sweet roll appearing in both the "Elder Scrolls" and "Fallout" series is the most famous example. But this time, it seems Bethesda may have created its biggest crossover yet by bringing back one of the all-time most hated "Elder Scrolls" characters.

The Adoring Fan makes it to space

In a recent Bethesda YouTube video, Todd Howard answered some burning questions about "Starfield" while never before seen gameplay footage plays in the background. During the showcase, a few attentive long-time Bethesda fans noticed a reference to "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion" hidden in the gameplay footage. During the character creation portion of the video, the player scrolled past the "Hero Worshipped" trait. According to its description, this trait attracts the "attention of an annoying 'Adoring Fan' who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly." And anyone who has played "Oblivion" knows this Adoring Fan all too well.

In "Oblivion," once a player bests the Arena and achieves the rank of Grand Champion, the Adoring Fan becomes so enamored with the player's achievement they follow them around while constantly showering them with praise. This may sound tolerable at first, pleasant even, until the player realizes that the Adoring Fan follows them endlessly and even returns to life just to continue annoying the player. Whether the Adoring Fan will look or function the same way in "Starfield" is unknown, but according to the trait's description, the new Adoring Fan will bring gifts, so maybe they won't be all bad. Nonetheless, it's nothing short of impressive that the Adoring Fan has taken to cross-series stalking just to see the player again.