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Black Adam's Best Video Game Appearances

DC Comics' Black Adam has a complex history, full of retcons, reboots, and changes in loyalty. While he originally started out as a straight-forward villain with major connections to Shazam – both the wizard and the hero – Black Adam has evolved into a more nuanced character. Sure, he might have ties to the Sinestro Corps and the Legion of Doom, but he's also a fierce defender of his home and people, and he's even managed to become a member of the Justice League in recent years! Black Adam derives his powers from Egyptian gods like Horus and Shu, who imbue him with abilities beyond any mortal men. 

Whether he's playing an antihero people can root for or a villain with immense power, the character has proven compelling enough with audiences that he's made the leap from comics to screen on a number of occasions. These include multiple animated appearances, a film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and a number of roles in major video games.

Black Adam isn't always a villain in the games he's appeared in, but he often falls relatively easily into an antagonist role, thriving as a dark and brooding foil to whatever heroic force is the main star of the show. Considering that Black Adam has entered the DC film universe, there's no better time to take a look at his very best video game appearances.

Lego DC Super-Villains

Through many of his video game appearances, Black Adam appears as much more of a supporting character, if not an outright team player. This is perhaps best exemplified by his appearance in 2018's "Lego DC Super-Villains," where the Legion of Doom recruits him to help battle the Crime Syndicate of America. To win his trust, the assembled super villains break into a museum and free him from a cursed sarcophagus. Things start to look bad when the villainous group is challenged by Shazam and his Earth-3 counterpart, Mazahs (comics, everybody!), but Black Adam makes short work of them both. After a quick battle, Black Adam rips open a portal and banishes the pair to the otherworldly Rock of Eternity.

Although Black Adam is definitely more cooperative in this story – and takes more orders – than some fans may be used to, the game also wastes no time in showing just how much of a force he is to be reckoned with. Backing up this display of power is the commanding vocal performance of Fred Tatasciore, who is best known to comics fans for playing such roles as the Hulk, Beast of the X-Men, and Deathstroke in various animated and video game adaptations. Gamers will also no doubt recognize him from a zillion titles, including "Overwatch" (as Soldier: 76) and the "Gears of War" series (as Damon Baird).

The Injustice series

Fans might be wondering why "Injustice 3" is taking so long, but there's still plenty to enjoy about the first two games while they wait — including a starring role for Black Adam.

Black Adam is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the first game, but is mainly a pawn in the plan of his world's evil Superman. He becomes a fully realized character in "Injustice 2" as he fights to protect his home (and Earth) from Brainiac's invasion. Joey Naber lent his voice to Black Adam in both "Injustice" and "Injustice 2," giving the character a godly level of gravitas

One fan of the "Injustice" series pointed out that these games show why Black Adam is one of the best villains in the DC Universe, arguing that his confidence and power are unparalleled. Unlike some villains, they said, Black Adam is highly intelligent, using his smarts – as well as his brawn – to take down those who challenge him. Naber's portrayal of Black Adam leans into his intellectual side, as Black Adam frequently quips against heroes who oppose him.

Black Adam has a similar moveset in both "Injustice" games, and he's difficult to take down across the board. In NetherRealm Studios' look at "Injustice 2" before its release, developers noted that Black Adam is quite versatile, able to take down enemies at range and up close. Black Adam can zap challengers at a distance with lightning, making him a great option for players who want to take a more ranged approach. He's also extremely agile, and can move around the screen quickly and gracefully.

Fans of the "Black Adam" movie will be excited to know that "Injustice 2 Mobile" has also added a version of the character modeled after his appearance in the film.

DC Universe Online

"DC Universe Online" isn't a game that takes a ton of time for character development, since it's typically focused on shuffling your player-created hero or villain from one PVE battle to the next. However, the game managed to introduce an incredibly intimidating take on Black Adam. The character's viciousness can be seen from his first appearance in the game's intro cinematic, which depicts the Justice League's last stand against the Legion of Doom. During this vision of an alternate future, Black Adam manages to kill both Green Lantern and the Flash in a blast that eliminates a number of other combatants.

In the game's modern day storyline, Adam comes to be seen as a loose cannon when he allies himself with the wizard Felix Faust. The duo attempts to resurrect Black Adam's deceased wife, Isis, which leads to an army of zombies roaming the streets and puts him directly in the crosshairs of both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom.

Alexander Brandon voices the character with an authoritative growl, and the actor actually does a fair bit of heavy lifting elsewhere in "DC Universe Online." In addition to Black Adam, he can he heard as several other characters, including General Zod, Major Force, and the Phantom Stranger. Despite his relatively limited screen time, the game's characterization of Black Adam as a man on the edge, willing to do what he must to save his loved ones at the expense of the world, makes this the strongest depiction of the character in gaming yet.