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You Shouldn't Get All Secret Caches In Gotham Knights At Once. Here's Why

"Gotham Knights," which follows Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin in the aftermath of the death of Bruce Wayne, has arrived with a disappointing reception from critics and fans. The launch megathread on the "Gotham Knights" subreddit is full of players concerned with the game's performance, particularly the inconsistent (and low) frame rate, and other issues, which the community was already anxious about when it was revealed that the game would not feature a performance mode.


However, with the delay of "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League," the upcoming title developed by the team behind the original Arkhamverse games (of which "Gotham Knights" is not a part), players keen to get their Batman fix are sticking with the game, warts and all.

Along with main and side story missions, players have plenty of looting to do in-game. They can collect Bruce's Audio Logs — because no game is quite complete without audio logs — along with other goodies, by finding and looting Secret Caches. However, you may not want to do all your treasure hunting at once. 

What are secret caches in Gotham Knights and where can I find them?

There are twelve secret caches in total in "Gotham Knights," and they can be found all over Gotham. The first cache becomes available after you've completed the case file "Gotham Knights Case 01: Batman's Last Case," with more appearing as you collect caches. Once you've collected the first cache and returned to the Belfry, more will spawn. This process will repeat twice more as you complete more caches.


To locate one, open up your map and check for an icon that looks like a container. You can find three caches on Uptown Island, three on Midtown Island, five on Downtown Island, and one on Tricorner Island. Once you have located and traveled to a Secret Cache location, step on a nearby ID scanner to start a time trial in which you'll have to reach a number of goals before the timer runs out. Once you've completed the trial, the cache will spawn and you can go and collect it.

Why you shouldn't collect them all at once

Whether you're drawn in by the idea of locking down the "Gotham City Confidential" trophy, which you get for finding all of Bruce Wayne's hidden audio recordings, or by the prospect of getting an early-game advantage by leveling up quickly or acquiring powerful gear, keep in mind that it is probably best to be patient when it comes to collecting the caches.


The loot found in each cache scales with your characters as they level up, meaning that if you get them all in one session before progressing with main or side missions you probably won't get a great haul of items, or an efficient amount of XP points.

Instead of hunting the caches down all at once, it's better to divert your time between missions and other in-game activities to level your character up, then complete caches in small bursts. That way you'll get a more varied (and useful) selection of loot, and won't have to deal with the tedium of doing the same thing 12 times in a row.