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xQc's Bleeding Ears Update Has Fans Worried

Streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel has been dealing with quite a few health issues as of late, and his most recent updates have fans terribly concerned. A few weeks ago, he missed a few scheduled streams after his visit to this year's controversial TwitchCon San Diego — an event where he experienced harassment from an attendee. The streamer later revealed that this missed streaming session was due to testing positive for COVID-19, and he was feeling very ill as a result. Unfortunately, xQc's condition has only seemed to worsen since his COVID-19 diagnosis.

While xQc did follow-up with an update stating that he had recovered from his bout of COVID, he unfortunately caught an ear infection in both of his ears. This led to both sides of his face becoming swollen and caused the streamer great difficulty when chewing and even speaking. Obviously, this would've made streaming and entertaining an audience extremely difficult. Since this reveal, things have only gotten worse. The streamer recently revealed that he had begun bleeding from both ears as a result of the infection, leading many of his fans and friends to worry about his physical well-being.

Fans and streamers react to xQc's scary symptoms

On October 23, xQc revealed on Twitter that his double ear infection had only gotten worse, saying that he had begun bleeding from the ears and had to visit the hospital. The doctors at urgent care then supplied him with antibiotic ear drops meant to help alleviate these symptoms. Unfortunately, xQc seems to think the drops didn't aid in any sort of recovery. After hearing about his latest symptoms, many of xQc's fans and fellow professionals began offering some advice.

Having recently opened up about her own health issues which required her to temporarily wear false teeth, Twitch streamer Pokimane advised xQc go visit an ENT, a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating any issues related to the ears, nose, and throat (via Cancer.gov). Twitter user @Puzzle80X concurred and said that they had to visit an ENT after prolonged issues that could've been solved with medication, if only their doctors had found it earlier.

While many of the replies to xQc's startling announcement were various medical recommendations, others couldn't resist to take a light jab at the streamer. "Well when you yell that loud, of course you're not gonna hear anything XQC," one commenter said. Another reply blamed xQc's condition on the disappointing release of "Overwatch 2" and the frustration it causes. For the most part, though, fans wished the streamer a speedy recovery.