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Overwatch 2: The 3 Best Characters To Counter Reinhardt

While its vibrant colors and atmosphere might lead one to think it's just a high-octane first-person shooter, "Overwatch 2" is undeniably a strategy game with an emphasis placed on tactical gameplay. Using a ragtag cast of characters known as Heroes who all have their own individual strengths and weaknesses as opposed to a class system, "Overwatch 2" is designed to emphasize constant team play where individual characters counter others. One of the more difficult to counter is Reinhardt.


Designated as a Tank Hero, Reinhardt lives up to his name. The German is an imposing figure with huge size, a powerful set of attacks, and a really resilient shield that protects him as he plods through the map. Countering Reinhardt will require players to use other Heroes that can bring down his shield and get on close quarters to take the fight to him — all while having the mobility to quickly get out of there. And here are the Heroes who best suit all of those needs.


When it comes to any one-on-one matchup in competitive shooters, mobility is always going to be a huge factor. And when it comes to countering Reinhardt, fewer characters will offer more in terms of mobility than Pharah. The Damage Hero's jet pack makes her perfect for evading Reinhardt's plodding movements and attacks. In Reinhardt's list of Heroes who can potentially give him issues, Douglas Rivelli of GamElevate listed Pharah as his No. 2 option due to her Jet Pack and ability to bypass Reinhardt's shield.


Rivelli isn't the only one, either. As noted by Ranked Boost, Pharah's long-distance attacks also make her an optimal option against Reinhardt. In a lengthy post to Reddit, user u/NeoFeudalist also pitches Pharah and other Damage Heroes as a remedy to Reinhardt. "Spam damage heroes like Pharah and Junkrat (and to a lesser extent Ashe) are good because of their high burst damage, which allows you to shred the Reinhardt from the safety of high ground before he can get close to your team," NeoFeudalist says.


One of the more popular Damage heroes available to "Overwatch 2" players, Junkrat — everyone's favorite pyromaniac — is a great choice for any occasion. The quirky Aussie character boasts an explosive (pun intended) arsenal in terms of abilities such as the Frag Launcher, Concussion Mine, and Total Mayhem, all dealing great damage and DPS drains. Because of this skillset, Junkrat is among the more suitable to take the fight to Reinhardt.


According to Altamash Khattak of Segment Next, Junkrat is extremely effective against Reinhardt. By using the character's Steel Traps and Mines, Junkrat will do big blows to Reinhardt's shields and leave him vulnerable to not only your attacks, but the attacks of others as well. Prima Games also agrees with this assessment, listing him among the most effective counters to Reinhardt, iterating that he is among the better characters when it comes to breaking down the shield and making Reinhardt vulnerable.


As you've likely picked up on by now, Reinhardt's defense is least effective when dealing with Heroes who prefer to battle in close quarters. And in order to do that, you have to breach his shield. When it comes to this particular task, Reaper might be the most efficient and effective. As noted by Esports Tales, Reaper is a select few amount of Heroes that are able to bring down Reinhardt's Barrier Field in a quick fashion. Prima Games also concurs with this method, listing Reaper as one of the most adept characters at getting rid of Reinhardt's shield.


According to Rock Paper Shotgun, Reaper is an excellent tank-killer for Reinhardt and that even if your character isn't the one dealing the final blow, Reaper's style is perfectly suited to at least create a valuable distraction. It's recommended that players using Reaper teleport behind Reinhardt's shield and utilize burst attacks to start bringing down his health. After doing this, Reinhardt will be softened up enough for you to either defeat him yourself or for another one of your teammates to lay down some supporting fire and finish the job.