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How To Heal Yourself In Scorn

After years and years of having a plethora of issues in development, "Scorn" is finally here, exclusive for the Xbox and PC platforms. The atmospheric psychological horror game was highly anticipated prior to its eventual release, and in turn, horror fans and gamers have been flocking to "Scorn" due to its acclaimed art style and punishing gameplay loop, which does not provide much in the way of hand holding. Therefore, players are left to their own devices when it comes to discovering gameplay elements such as self-healing.

Healing isn't a component introduced at the very beginning of the game in "Scorn." While players will be able to do it themselves at a certain point, they have to find a specific location before they can begin healing the damage done by the game's horrifying elements. Fortunately, if you're paying close attention, gaining this ability won't be difficult and will come naturally. But you will have to wait a bit as it won't be until Act 2 where you will stumble upon what you need to give yourself a much-needed health boost.

Find the healing station to begin healing yourself

The first step to gaining the ability to self-heal in "Scorn" is solving the spinning circle puzzles in Act 2 and finding a healing station (via Eurogamer). As shown in YouTuber Survival Horror Gaming's playthrough, finding the healing station won't be much of an issue as it's part of the game's natural progression — just continue walking until you find it. Once you've found the station, it will fill the tentacles of a heart-like object with what appears to be blood. From there, you will then be able to start healing yourself as you trek further and further into the nightmare world in "Scorn."

After visiting the healing station, you will be able to initiate a self-heal by pressing either RB on Xbox or the E key on PC, triggering an animation where the playable character is seen injecting what is called an orb into their wrist. However, you must use these sparingly as you can only carry eight at a time and healing only replenishes a limited amount of health. Not to mention you'll likely need these orbs for a difficult Act 3 (via IGN).

Also, be sure not to walk past the healing station as one YouTube commenter complained of being soft locked out of progression as a result of not using it.