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Fortnite: Where To Find Haunted Household Furniture

The Halloween season is in full swing, and to celebrate the occasion, popular battle royale title "Fortnite" is hosting the 2022 edition of its "Fortnitemares" event. During this event, players will be given special Halloween-themed quests and objectives to fulfill, and even some boss battles with formidable foes such as the Inkquisitor before its ending on November 1. Completing these challenges gives players rewards such as the Everything's End Glider, Chrome Cage Black Bling, and Unmaker Pickaxe. While some of these challenges involve combat with either players or AI bots, others require players to do a scavenger hunt in search of items sprawled across the "Fortnite" map.


One such scavenger hunt requires players to track down haunted pieces of furniture. In total, players will be tasked with tracking down seven pieces of this haunted furniture and destroying it in order to complete the objective. While it sounds like a pretty straightforward task, finding and identifying haunted furniture won't be as easy as you think without knowing what to look for. Here's the best and most efficient way to hunt these ghostly household items down.

Grim Gables offers the most consistent amount of haunted furniture

As "Fortnite" is currently exploring a Halloween theme, haunted furniture will appear across the entire map in various regions. However, seeking it out by randomly looking around is not only a tedious task but also a dangerous one if staying alive is among your priorities. As recommended by Eurogamer, your best bet is to go straight to Grim Gables during your jump at the beginning of a round, as this area seems to spawn more haunted furniture than other locations — not a surprise considering the town's theme. Eurogamer mentions that, on average, Grim Gables produces at least three to four pieces of haunted furniture per round, meaning that it will only take you two or three matches to achieve the seven-piece quota.


Picking out haunted furniture isn't a difficult task either. As noted by USA Today gaming column For The Win, haunted furniture is distinguishable from normal pieces of furniture due to it floating off the ground and being highlighted by a faint, white glow. When you find it, it's recommended that you use your pickaxe to break it. Not only will it efficiently destroy the piece of furniture in one or two hits, it will also prevent you from making too much noise and giving away your location. Alternatively, if completing objectives quickly is your only desire, finding as many pieces of furniture as you can and intentionally dying in a firefight is also a viable option.