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Gotham Knights: How To Solve The Align The Frequencies Puzzle

"Gotham Knights" has now hit the shelves, albeit to a disappointed reaction from critics and fans alike. Critics were not impressed with the combat and overall performance of the game, with the characters' respective fighting styles not standing out enough and the game struggling to run optimally even on systems that exceeded the minimum system specs. Meanwhile, players (who were already skeptical about the lack of a performance mode) have voiced their concerns readily on the launch megathread on the R/GothamKnights subreddit.


Although the game is not set in the Arkhamverse, it does take some elements from the series by having the player navigate puzzles to get from point A to point B. If you want to reach Arkham Asylum's tower, you'll have to complete the "Align the Frequencies" task, in which the player will have to activate four amplifiers, then align them correctly to the frequencies on a sonic device.

Reaching the tower

To reach this puzzle, you will have to begin "Case 07: The League of Shadows." In the second mission, "Talia al Ghul," you must find a way to reach the top of the tower in the abandoned Arkham Asylum. As you make your way up, you will come across a room with four round machines, the amplifiers, and one main console, the sonic device, that you will be able to interact with.


Each of the four amplifiers is connected to a machine by a colored wire. While plenty of gamers have made guides to the puzzle, if you want to solve this one as independently as possible, take one piece of advice: pay close attention to the smaller amplifiers, and which large amplifiers they are hooked up to. On the other hand, if you just want a straightforward solution so you can get this one out of the way and get back to punching up a bunch of bad guys, go ahead and keep reading.

Solving Align the Frequencies

To solve the "Align the Frequencies" objective, the first thing you need to do is walk up to the sonic device in the middle of the room and select "Reset sonic device." You'll notice the machine immediately to your right will switch off, and four frequencies will appear on the screen of the sonic device. Take note of the order in which these frequencies are displayed, as you will have to set each amplifier to match them, going from left to right.


Your first amplifier is on the immediate right-hand side of the rest of the equipment, connected to its counterpart by a blue wire. Walk up to it and select "Set amplifier frequency" until it corresponds with the frequency on the sonic device. The amplifier, as well as the matching section of the main console, will turn green when you reach the correct option. Repeat this step for the amplifier furthest to the right, connected by a purple wire, then the amplifier to the immediate left of the equipment (orange wire). Finally, set the amplifier on the far left of the console, connected by a green wire.

If you miss the correct frequency, or do it out of order, don't worry, you can try again. Just make sure you go back to the console and reset the sonic device again before you make another attempt.