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Home Alone Meets Resident Evil In This Hilarious Fan Edit

On the surface, one wouldn't draw too many similarities between the movie "Home Alone" and the video game "Resident Evil Village." One is a comedy film about a young boy who gets accidentally left behind by his vacationing family during the holiday season, and another is about a traumatized man who seeks to regain his infant daughter from the clutches of four nefarious mutants. However, that's never stopped the internet from trying to tie things together. And one YouTuber in particular has forged a combination of the two that is undeniably hilarious.

On YouTube, user eli_handle_b.wav is known for their video edits which takes popular movie actors and integrates them into video game footage and narratives. The YouTuber has previously done this by inserting Ace Ventura into "Cyberpunk 2077," Leslie Nielsen into "Detroit: Become Human," and even Austin Powers into "Mass Effect 2." But just recently, the content creator introduced what could very well be their best, most ambitious crossover yet — "Home Alone" and "Resident Evil Village."

Are you sure you aren't scared anymore, Kevin?

In the video, "Home Alone in Resident Evil Village," uploaded to YouTube on October 24, Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone" is spliced into the world of "Resident Evil Village" with the use of some impressive compositing and color grading. The video opens with Kevin arriving to the Eastern European village depicted in the horror game. Kevin is then shown to be tormented by the forces at play, being frightened by one of the lycans that has infiltrated the neighborhood and even being lifted by his shirt by Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. In a reinterpretation of one of the more infamous gags in "Home Alone," Kevin is seen to be putting on aftershave before Lady Dimitrescu walks into the room, scaring him in the process.

In possibly the host hilarious part of the video, Kevin walks down a hallway proclaiming that he isn't afraid anymore. Unfortunately for him, he is then confronted by the giant reanimated fetus seen during the House of Beneviento section of "Resident Evil Village." Predictably, Kevin is indeed still afraid, screams, and then sprints as fast as he can away from the abomination.

Despite its short time on interwebs, the "Home Alone"/"Resident Evil Village" reimagining has already collected hundreds of thousands of views and has since spread to other sites such as Reddit. On YouTube, the video has quickly surpassed 25K likes with most of the comments expressing an overwhelmingly positive reception.