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Is Star Ocean: The Divine Force Coming To Xbox Series X And S?

Fans of the "Star Ocean" series are finally being rewarded for their patience with the release of "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" on October 27. More than six years after the last entry in the series, "The Divine Force" is aiming to pickup where its predecessor, "Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness" left off with real-time combat and loads of sci-fi settings for players to enjoy and explore. Of course, it remains to be seen if the game will deliver a better and more deserving storyline than "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" this time around.

Both longtime fans wanting to dive back in, or new players that want to give the series a spin won't have to wait too much longer for the game's full release, and there's even a demo available for those wanting to try the title out before committing to a purchase. As its official site shows, both the demo for "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" and its full game will be available on a platform the series hasn't touched since 2009.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be on Xbox

The "Star Ocean" series has been no stranger to PlayStation consoles in the past, and that's still the case for "The Divine Force." PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will have the game, and even PC players can get at the title through Steam. However, for the first time since "Star Ocean: The Last Hope," the series will return to Xbox consoles.

The last Xbox-bound "Star Ocean" title, the prequel game "Star Ocean: The Last Hope," didn't do much to impress fans. Players commonly found the characters were cliched, and even one of the game's producers would eventually say that "there was something not really right" about the game.

With "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" releasing so soon, early reviews are starting to appear, and reactions seem to be saying the same positive things. But, of course, it's too early to tell how longtime fans and newcomers will receive the game. Twitter user 9humble6 is one fan who has expressed appreciation for the game's character designs and hopes it finds an audience on Xbox. They said, "I really hope it does well on Xbox. The last time we had a Star Ocean on Xbox was in early 2009, almost 14 years ago." 

It won't be long before it's seen whether the series will continue to grow thanks to its return to Xbox consoles, but hopefully, it manages to connect with enough players to stick around a bit longer.