Cade Davie

Idaho, United States
Brigham Young University - Idaho
Video Games, Animation, Reviews
  • Cade recently acquired his bachelor’s in English with an emphasis in creative writing.
  • For two years, he worked as a video game reviewer and news writer for TheXboxHub.
  • He has played an enormous variety of games over the years, and follows every piece of news in the industry.


When he isn't writing about games and keeping up with game news, Cade is playing every possible game he can get his hands on. While he's always willing to enjoy an old-fashioned turn-based RPG or a well-constructed Metroidvania, if he remembers that Doom Eternal exists, he'll probably end up playing through the entire thing for the umpteenth time.


Cade studied to become a creative writer at Brigham Young University - Idaho. After four years, he not only graduated with his bachelor’s but also won an award in BYU-Idaho’s preprofessional creative writing competition.
Stories By Cade Davie