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How Long Does It Take To Beat Amnesia: Rebirth?

When it comes to the best horror games of all time, no list is complete without the "Amnesia" series. After "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" came out in 2013, the franchise went dormant for seven years. While the third entry in the franchise, "Amnesia: Rebirth," does not offer the same level of scares — as one reviewer put it, it isn't so much a horror title as it is a "spooky, narrative-driven puzzle game" — it includes a variety of content for players to delve into.

The first two installments contained a host of fear-inducing segments, but despite having less of these moments, "Amnesia: Rebirth" takes the longest to beat of the trio. "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" took users an average of 8.5 hours to work through, while "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" comes in at a noticeably shorter 4.5-hour average runtime. There are a lot of ways to approach "Amnesia: Rebirth," and depending on how far players wish to go, it can take a while to unlock all of the game's endings and experience all of its secrets.

Amnesia: Rebirth takes 8 hours to beat and 13 hours to complete

According to How Long to Beat, a site that aggregates community-submitted completion times for a variety of games, a normal playthrough of the "Amnesia: Rebirth" main story takes 8.5 hours. This only entails the core objectives of the game with little deviation from the narrative-driven path. When taking side content into account, the time goes up to 10.5 hours. If a player wants to get every single achievement in the game and properly 100% it, they can expect to put at least 13 hours into the game. The average of all user-submitted times comes in at right about 9.5 hours.

"Amnesia: Rebirth" has three different endings, four when counting the "secret" one. "Dark Descent" had three endings, but "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" just had the one. On paper, getting all four endings should take four times as long as normal, but because the final save puts players back before they choose an ending it doesn't take long to get all of them — as long as you meet the prerequisites for each. Players earn the other achievements for completing side content and finding secrets throughout the game, as well as for beating it faster than any Frictional Games developer.

"Amnesia: Rebirth" also boasts an Adventure Mode, which cuts horror mechanics like the fear meter, improves lighting, and even replaces monsters with puzzles. It makes the experience easier and more narrative-driven, but players can't earn every achievement in this mode and will have to play through "Amnesia: Rebirth" normally to 100% it.