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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: How To Dolphin Dive

By all indications, it seems that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is a delightful return to form for the series. Most early reviews of the game's campaign are saying the same thing — that's it solid, albeit truncated narrative filled with action and fun. And as far as the multiplayer is concerned, it seems that "Modern Warfare 2" is producing that break-neck pace run-and-gun play the "Call of Duty" series is known for. Because of this style of gameplay, the way players maneuver and move around each of the tight maps could mean the difference between getting the drop on opponents or being sent right back to the spawn point.


To accommodate players' need for ultimate control over their movements, developer Infinity Ward has given "Modern Warfare 2" a robust — yet simple — control scheme that offers plenty of options when it comes to maneuvers. One of these options is called Dive-to-Prone, but some players might know it by its colloquial term: the "Dolphin Dive." It's a handy move for any player to have in their arsenal if they need to dive behind cover in a gunfight quickly. Here's how players can perform a Dolphin Dive in "Modern Warfare 2."

The Dolphin Dive is easily executed and very effective

For those unfamiliar with the technique, the Dolphin Dive (as it's been called) is pretty much what it sounds like — executed while at a full sprint, the dolphin dive sends players leaping forward before landing in a prone position on their stomach.


Players must be in a full sprint initiated by clicking the L3/LS button to perform this move. During the sprint, players will perform the dive if they hold the crouch button or O/B. For those on PC, the action can be performed by a sprint by hitting the SHIFT key and then holding the CTRL key to perform the dive. If players decide performing the dive won't be an efficient or effective enough move to avoid enemy gunfire, they can simply tap the prone button, which will send players into a slide instead of a dive. It's also important to note that while doing the dolphin dive, gamers will still have the ability to spin around freely, depending on control sensitivity.