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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Which Is The Best 8-Killstreak Option?

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is now live, letting people hop into the full multiplayer experience. That means new unlocks and levels to work through, along with a variety of multiplayer customization options, like guns and perks. One of the customization options is the Killstreak rewards, of which there are a bunch to choose from, especially at different kill counts. While players are still figuring out the meta for "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer, there is a clear winner between the three options available at the 8-Killstreak mark.

The three options for an 8-Killstreak reward are the VTOL Jet, Overwatch Helo, and Wheelson-HS. The VTOL Jet first drops an air strike in a line across the map, before returning to hover in a chosen location, where it uses machine gun fire to take down enemies. The Overwatch Helo functions similarly to an attack helicopter from previous entries in the series, but this one follows you around the map and can ping enemies in addition to getting kills. Lastly, the Wheelson-HS, is a small amphibious vehicle that can be remotely piloted, or left in sentry mode. It has high-powered machine guns and can cross through water as well as land. All of these Killstreaks are unlocked in the level 35-45 range, so you will need to level up in order to access them. The question is, which Killstreak is the best option?

The best 8-Killstreak option in Modern Warfare 2

At the 8-Killstreak mark, the best option of the three in "Modern Warfare 2" is the VTOL Jet. The VTOL Jet is a dual-threat, dropping an air strike across the map before resting in the air to shoot any enemies in sight. The VTOL Jet lasts for a pretty reasonable amount of time and can quickly drop anyone that comes into view. While at other Killstreak tiers the manually controlled option can offer up the most kills, the Wheelson-HS doesn't have as much mobility or range as some of the aerial controlled killstreaks.

The Overwatch Helo is a close second in this category, but the fact that it follows you around the map can be both a blessing and a curse. It does mean you can lead it to the enemy team, but many of the "Modern Warfare 2" maps have a high amount of buildings, so it's less useful when you go in doors. The VTOL Jet operates independently of you, so you can rack up extra kills while still running around the map.