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Modern Warfare 2: How To Get XP And Level Up Quickly In Multiplayer

"Modern Warfare 2" is finally here, and gamers everywhere are already knee-deep into this new installment in the "Call of Duty" series. And critics agree that the "Modern Warfare 2" campaign is excellent and lives up to its predecessor, "Modern Warfare" 2019. However, not everyone is able to play the campaign. Many gamers that bought the physical edition of the game are having trouble booting it up for the first time, as the disc barely holds any data on it. But those that have successfully downloaded the massive day one patch and gotten into "Modern Warfare 2" have set their sights on the multiplayer.

Although some complaints arose about the "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer during the beta testing, there's no shortage of gamers online battling it out in the new game modes. And like previous entries, "Modern Warfare 2" allows players a lot of customization options. For example, players can customize their loadouts, perks, specialists, and more. However, players will need to level up to unlock some of the more advanced customization options. Here's the fastest way to level up in "Modern Warfare 2."

Play the objective, complete challenges, and use double XP tokens

Like the previous games in "Modern Warfare 2," XP is awarded to players for kills, assists, earning objective points, and as a bonus for finishing a match (per Callofduty.fandom). So, one of the best ways to earn XP fast is by playing objective game types. Game types such as Domination, Ground War, and Headquarters, for example, will net a player more XP than deathmatch modes.

Another way to earn XP in "Modern Warfare 2" is by completing challenges. Daily and Seasonal challenges reward players with a considerable amount of XP when completed. Some challenges force the players to go out of their way to complete, while others are straightforward, such as getting 15 kills while aiming down sights. So, the best and fastest way to level up is by playing the objective on the previously mentioned game modes while progressing through challenges. But there's another thing players can do to increase their XP gain even further.

XP tokens are consumable items that double the player's XP gain for a limited time, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour (per Callofduty.fandom). The easiest way to grab these tokens is by playing the campaign, as eight double XP tokens can be acquired by completing campaign missions (per Forbes). Another way to get XP tokens is by participating in special promotions, such as the Burger King promotion that awards players an XP token and a skin for ordering a meal.