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Modern Warfare 2: How To Get The Don't Touch The Deck Achievement

The critically acclaimed campaign mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is finally available to players. Due to the game's narrative not taking all that long to beat, it's entirely likely that some players are already on another playthrough and are looking to do some achievement or trophy hunting if they're not interested in the new multiplayer modes. There are 24 achievements or trophies in "Modern Warfare 2," and some can prove rather tricky. One of, if not the, toughest ones to pull off is "Don't Touch the Deck."

This achievement or trophy is available for the player to unlock in the 12th mission of the game called "Dark Water." The mission itself is chaotic even when not trying to complete a specific challenge, forcing players to venture 90 meters across a ship deck filled with enemies and large containers sliding around. While one may be tempted to hide behind one of the containers and gradually move through the level, the "Don't Touch the Deck" achievement requires gamers to be a little more patient and creative when it comes to how they traverse the early portion of the level.

The floor is lava!

After starting "Dark Water," players will crash-land onto what looks to be a tanker near an oil platform. Unfortunately, conditions will ensure little visibility, and the shipping containers will slide all over the place. Upon boarding, players will want to be sure to leap onto the container that Ghost is taking cover behind before moving too far. From there, gamers will have to use the containers to move from one end of the deck to the other without touching the ground.

As seen in YouTuber PowerPyx's playthrough, patience is vital. While staying on top of the containers without any cover may be challenging, the key is remaining calm. Players should be fine if they keep an eye out for potential threats to eliminate. The containers will also be moving around, so it's best to time jumps to coincide with when they're closest. After making it to the end of the ship, players will want to jump onto the catwalk at the furthest end, grab the ledge, and walk across the railing until a notification alerts players that the achievement or trophy is complete. 

If players fail at any point, simply load the last checkpoint and start over. According to Maka91Productions on YouTube, playing this mission on Normal difficulty is recommended as it can be extremely challenging to do on Veteran.