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God Of War Becomes A Kids' Show In Hilarious Japanese Trailer

While fans are still going crazy over the last "God of War: Ragnarok" star-studded promo, Sony dropped a hilarious Japanese trailer for the game that rivals the pure ingenuity of the first. The trailer featured three men singing and dancing in what looked like a kid's show – if it wasn't for the violent fighting scenes flashed during the chorus. While the comments on the YouTube video have been turned off, fans have taken to Twitter to laugh at the hilarious ad.


While dancing and miming some of Kratos' intense moves, the trio sings an interesting song to the tune of a common nursery rhyme. Where the rhyme would generally have actions like "turn around," the "Ragnarok" version has "throw the axe," "bow and arrow," and "slash" (via @XFileSam and Twitter translations).

Many people pointed out just how great of an ad the video was because it sticks with audiences much more than traditional advertising would. Twitter user @_mjwills explained that they were more "invested" in the ad because of its silly nature. Another Twitter user, @Genki_JPN, had hopes that the ad could change the perception of "God of War" in Japan to something a bit less aggressive, which isn't as appealing to many Japanese audiences.


Other fans had much less serious things to say, matching the energy of the trailer with their own jokes.

Ragnarok became the butt of the joke in the best way possible

Many fans likened the "God of War: Ragnarok" trailer to kids' shows like "The Wiggles" and "Dora the Explorer." Others joked about how the choreography and how cosplayers could use the dance, with some calling it a "wholesome song about the adventures of a dad and his son" (via @RoboGorillaman). It's clear that the trailer brought about a ton of laughs from audiences, and it's doing a great job at staying memorable, which @saltheacorn explained was the idea behind such a marketing move in the first place.


Some fans weren't sure how to feel, but it beats out a lot of the "Ragnarok" spoilers on social media. Considering fans were more excited about this sequel than "Halo Infinite," any new trailers about the game can be exciting, even if it takes the form of a classic children's show.

Fans can look forward to the release of "God of War: Ragnarok" on November 9, 2022 on both the PS4 and PS5. The game may come to PC later as well.