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How To Unlock The Secret Chapter In Bayonetta 3

Despite the less-than-favorable air surrounding "Bayonetta 3" due to its complicated voice acting conflict, the game had critics all saying the same thing upon its release: it's a highly-enjoyable action title. Longtime fans can expect roughly 10-15 hours to beat "Bayonetta 3," but that doesn't include the amount of time players can spend mastering the new Demon Slave Attacks or the abundance of hidden collectibles that the game has to offer. 


Hidden Card Packs, Echoes of Memory, Figure Boxes, Treasure Chests, Umbran Tears, alternate outfits, and more only scratch the surface of all the secrets scattered throughout the game. One of the biggest secrets, however, is an entire extra chapter. Unlocking it takes some doing, but for those wanting even more Bayonetta action, and possibly an additional secret item for their in-game collection, it's a secret that would be well worth the trouble to uncover.

Three keys and the Old Picture Book unlock the Secret Chapter

In order to access the Secret Chapter, gamers must fully beat the game. Then, players will need to head to the Gates of Hell and buy the Old Picture Book from Rodin. Available for 4100 Halos, it won't open without three hidden keys. However, the keys shouldn't prove too difficult to find.


The first is tucked away within Chapter 1. Shortly after beginning Verse 4, which transpires inside a Chaotic Rift, players will have a brief battle before being left alone with several floating platforms. Jumping to the platform with glowing flowers and looking left reveals the blue-colored key.

In Chapter 4, Verse 1, players will again enter a Chaotic Rift. Gamers can safely progress through the majority of this area until they see the exit portal. Just before leaving, turn to the right and look up to spot a field of flowers with a purple pillar of light leading up to it. One demon-powered jump should lift players right up, and the second key will be in sight, shimmering with green light.

Finally, gamers will find the third key in Chapter 13, Verse 1. The ground falls out beneath players here, so they must move fast to make it to the solid area with a treasure chest. From the chest, players ought to head up a spiraling pathway until they see two platforms floating in the distance. Jumping to them, then immediately jumping back to solid ground, will cause these platforms to crumble. This reveals the final key in all of its glowing red glory. All that's left is for players to open the Old Picture Book, and the Secret Chapter of "Bayonetta 3" is theirs!