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How To Play As Jeanne In Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta's eight year hiatus is officially over, and "Bayonetta 3" is finally in the hands of players. Upon its release, critics were all saying the same thing and praising it as a worthwhile addition to the action-packed series. 

As the newest entry in Bayonetta's story, "Bayonetta 3" brings plenty of new additions with it, including the enormously powerful Demon Slave attacks, and a Naive Angel Mode for those that want to minimize the game's more mature aspects, such as partial nudity and gore. The game isn't all new tricks, however, as a fan-favorite feature is making a return in regards to Bayonetta's longtime friend, Jeanne. 

In both the original "Bayonetta" and "Bayonetta 2," players could unlock Jeanne as a playable character after meeting certain conditions. In the past, the methods for being able to play as Jeanne have been fairly demanding, but "Bayonetta 3" has made things much easier this time around for players that want to mix things up.

Beating Bayonetta 3 on any difficulty unlocks Jeanne

Back in 2009's "Bayonetta," players hoping to unlock Jeanne had two ways of doing it (via GameRant). The easier of the two, would require players to input a cheat code in front of some specific telephones within the game's second chapter. Of course, it would also require an enormous one million of the game's currency, known as Halos. If their pockets weren't deep enough, players could also unlock Jeanne by completing the entire game on Normal difficulty or higher, but they'd also need to earn a Platinum medal for each chapter.

Things got much easier for fans in "Bayonetta 2," as the only requirement for unlocking Bayonetta's Umbra Witch bestie that time around was to complete the campaign on any difficulty. "Bayonetta 3" is following its predecessor's example. As pointed out by The Nerd Stash, making Jeanne a playable character in the latest installment means that players will have to beat the campaign on any difficulty. This even includes the game's Casual difficulty setting meant for those that simply wish to enjoy the story without worrying too much about demanding combat.

With Bayonetta, newcomer Viola, and Jeanne, "Bayonetta 3" fittingly has three different playable characters, but it's not the most the series has ever seen. "Bayonetta 2" not only gave players access to Bayonetta and Jeanne, but Rose, Balder, and even the Infinite One himself, Rodin (via Epic Trick). There's no word at the moment of possible DLC for "Bayonetta 3," but perhaps more playable characters could find their way to the game in the future.