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Modern Warfare 2: This Is The Best Lachmann-556 Loadout For Multiplayer

Few weapons in the new version of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" are as impressive as the Lachmann-556. The game's official description of the weapon explains this quite well: "The Lachmann-556 is the keystone in the Lachmann Meer arsenal. An adaptative 5.56 weapon system that bridges the gap between submachine guns and full-powered rifles."


Adding this impressive firearm to your arsenal won't be as simple as leveling up in multiplayer, however. As noted by CharlieIntel, weapons in the game are grouped together in families, or "platforms," and by leveling up one weapon, you could unlock others in its platform. The impressive Lachmann-556 is within the Lachmann and Meer platform and is unlocked after the Lachmann-762 reaches level 12. It takes a bit of doing, but once you've got the weapon, it'll be time to beef up your 556 with the proper attachments.

The best Lachmann-556 loadout

As far as ARs go, the Lachmann-556 is a solid choice that can be adapted for a number of different playstyles. Its stats across the board are pretty even, so you're going to want to make sure any attachments you add don't create any unforeseen blindspots. If you're looking to turn the 556 into more of a long-range or short-range weapon with your loadout, don't. Its strength is its versatility, so you don't want to limit it to a specific range proficiency. That being said, here's the general consensus best loadout for the Lachmann 556. 


While it is pretty even-keel, this AR-SMG hybrid does suffer slightly from some of the weakness of an SMG. So, buffing its range and recoil control is a good place to start. You'll sacrifice a bit of mobility, but if you want a more mobile weapon, you might be happier going with an SMG.

For the Muzzle, select the Forg-TAC Castle Comp. For the Barrell, the Lachmann NOVA Barrel, and for the Optic, go with the Cronen Mini Red Dot Sight. As for Stock and Underbarrell, select the RAPP-762 Factory and the VX Pineapple Vert Grip. Both Dot Esports and PCGamesN suggest roughly this same loadout, albeit with a few variations here and there.