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Vampire Survivors: How To Find And Beat The Secret Boss, The Director

Drawn by its blend of bullet hell and roguelike gameplay, aspiring hunters of the undead have dove into "Vampire Survivors" since early access to test different builds, unlock new weapons, and uncover an ever-growing number of secrets. From relics and levels to game modes, players have a wealth of content to uncover; the title's full launch even added a hidden, final boss to take on.


Known as The Director, this secret boss poses a unique challenge, and players must defeat him to enjoy some celebratory fireworks and unlock the weapon known as the Greatest Jubilee (per Attack of the Fanboy). Going against The Director isn't for the faint of heart, however. Simply finding him requires a significant investment and defeating him will take lots of preparation and skill. It won't be an easy fight but, with the proper planning and skills, gamers will emerge victorious and earn a new weapon and a flashy victory screen for their troubles.

Finding The Director

Before they can challenge The Director, players first need to find him in the secret Eudaimonia M level. This level will only unlock when players have uncovered eleven secret relics hidden throughout "Vampire Survivors" (per Attack of the Fanboy). Prima Games laid out the means to find all the hidden items. Of these relics, players can simply pick up five in different levels. The Grim Grimoire and Magic Banger are in the Inlaid Library, the Milky Way Map and Ars Gouda are in the Dairy Plant, and the Sorcereress' Tears can be located to the south in Gallo Tower. Meanwhile, the Golden Egg and the Glass Vizard can be purchased from the merchant in Moongolow for 10,000 gold each. 


While in Moongolow, players can pick up the Yellow Sign for unlocking and beating the secret level hidden there. Mindbender will unlock automatically when a player has 50 collectibles in their collection which shouldn't take long for those grinding to reach the endgame. Finally, the Scrolls of Morbane can be found after defeating the floating skulls monster in the Bone Zone and the Great Gospel is rewarded for defeating the Ender in the Cappella Magna. After they have gathered all the relics, players can head to Eudaimonia M to find The Director. 

Defeating The Director

Once in Eudaimonia M, players must speak to a strange, tree-like creature there. The first time they approach, the creature will ask if the player's path has been too easy or too hard. Answering one way will award a relic and a new game mode. Reentering the level and answering the other way will earn another relic and another mode. Finally, on the third trip through, the creature will reveal itself to be The Director and attack (per Hold To Reset).


To emerge victorious, Screen Rant recommended buying the Revive powerup and bringing weapons with a wide spread to take down the various mobs The Director will call in for help. During the first phase, these mobs will be the focus of the fight and taking them down quickly will be vital. In the second phase, masks will begin floating around The Director and the player should shift to attacking them. Once these are down, more mobs will rush in and players should again shift to dealing with them while avoiding the flashing sections of the floor. Continue on in this fashion, shifting between fighting mobs and the floating mask around the director until it finally goes down.