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How To Unlock Endless Mode In Vampire Survivors

"Vampire Survivors" received positive buzz from the likes of IGN when it hit early access at the beginning of 2022, but with its full release in October, the small indie project has exploded on the gaming scene. It has garnered plenty of rave reviews from critics, and it sits at "overwhelmingly positive" in Steam's fan reviews.


The artistically and mechanically simple game of surviving against hordes of undead monsters is proving pleasingly addictive by blending bullet hell gameplay and roguelike elements. Many players are enjoying the challenge of unlocking new weapons, characters, items, and maps, as they play through 30-minute games of survival.

For those who have already invested dozens of hours in the game, unlocked the various characters and weapons, and mastered the mechanics, a new challenge may be in order. Fortunately, the developers have provided the opportunity to unlock just such a challenge in the game's Endless Mode.

As Polygon reported, Endless Mode was added to the game with its official release after the end of the early access period. As the name implies, this mode allows a player to continue battling monsters indefinitely, rather than for 30-minute stretches. At the end of the usual game period, the clock simply resets, and tougher monsters spawn in. 


For those that need a real challenge and don't want to keep restarting during long gaming sessions, this is the mode to go for. To access it, however, will require lots of grinding and hunting for secret items.

Unlocking Endless Mode requires a trip to the Eudaimonia M stage

To start, a player will need to unlock the Eudaimonia M stage by finding all the relics scattered across the game (per Attack of the Fanboy). Finding the various relics is no easy task and will take plenty of time. As Prima Games explains, there are 11 relics in total, scattered across the other stages of the game. 


The Grim Grimoire and Magic Banger can be found in the Inlaid Library. Next, the Milky Way Map and Ars Gouda are in the Dairy Plant. The Sorcereress' Tears can be found to the south in Gallo Tower. Then, the Golden Egg and the Glass Vizard can be purchased from the merchant in Moongolow.

Mindbender will unlock automatically when a player has 50 collectibles in their collection (which should be easy as they move through levels gathering everything else), and the Yellow Sign is rewarded for beating the secret level unlocked in Moongolow. The Scrolls of Morbane can be found after defeating the floating skulls monster in the Bone Zone. Finally, the Great Gospel is rewarded for defeating the Ender in the Cappella Magna.


Even while knowing where to look and what to do, it will still require lots of time and skill to grab them all. Once this has been done, however, any player should be experienced and ready for Endless Mode.

Find the relics, unlock the stage, and answer the Entity

With all the relics uncovered and the secret stage unlocked, the hard part is over. Now gamers can move on to unlocking Endless Mode itself. 

To access it, players need only head to the newly available Eudaimonia M stage and look for a being known as the Mysterious Entity (per GameRant). This creature, which resembles a tree made of smoke or shadow, will address the player when approached. It will say, "Tell us thy path. Hast thou struggled... or hast thou walked with ease?"


Answering that the path has been "too hard" will award yet another relic, the Seventh Trumpet, and unlock Endless Mode. Now, players will be able to enable this option at any level they select, and fight on until death. Players need not worry if they accidentally answer that the path has been "too easy." This will simply reward them with a different relic and unlock the equally challenging Inverse Mode. That, however, is a different story.