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How To Solve The Orchard Hotel Floor Puzzle In Gotham Knights

While not set in the Arkhamverse, "Gotham Knights" does take some hints from its predecessors — including an emphasis on puzzles. These brain-twisters range from aligning sound frequencies in Arkham Asylum's old clock tower to running around a locked room trying to make a giant metal owl head face in the right direction. A bit more straightforward, the Orchard Hotel Puzzle does not contain any giant metal owls. Gamers can spot a small metal owl in the build-up, however, which will hopefully please the ornithologists.

Players will come across this set piece in "Case 04: The Masquerade" (via PowerPyx) while investigating The Court of Owls during the second subcase, "The Orchard Hotel." After navigating through the building, locating a piece of evidence, and defeating some guards, players will find themselves in a room containing four sculptures of Gotham landmarks (Gotham City Courthouse, the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), Gotham City Cathedral, and Gotham City Hall), each with a pressure plate they can activate. A quick look around the room will also reveal four paintings adorning the walls, each depicting one of the aforementioned buildings. To progress, players must activate the pressure plates in a certain order.

The paintings hold the key to the pressure plate puzzle

According to Twinfinite, players need to step on the pressure plates in the order of construction, starting with the oldest building and finishing with the newest. The paintings show that Gotham City Hall is the oldest (constructed in 1836), followed by GCPD in 1841, Gotham City Courthouse in 1842, and wrapping up with Gotham City Cathedral in 1877.

If players don't know the buildings by heart, revisiting the paintings will help. Gotham City Hall has an E-shape with an ovular tower rising from the middle. GCPD has the most modern silhouette thanks to its L-shape with a tower on the right side. Gotham City Courthouse is a Palladian structure with a circular gallery at the top, and Gotham City Cathedral is a Gothic building with a huge spire on its right side. 

Players don't need to worry about stepping on the incorrect plate by accident — they can just start again from Gotham City Hall. Once they've solved the puzzle, a secret passage will open, allowing them to move further into the game.