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Modern Warfare 2: How To Fix Connection Issues

To a hardcore FPS gamer, nothing is worse than losing your connection mid-match. Maybe you were on a kill streak, or perhaps you were falling behind — either way, once the connection is lost, so is any chance of finishing. All record of that kill streak is gone forever, or you'll never get the chance to get revenge on those annoying enemy players. Worse, maybe the connection issues are so bad that you can't even start a match in the first place. 


This is a problem that keeps popping up for "Modern Warfare 2" players, especially on PC. According to Windows Central, thanks to millions of users joining the game since its October 28, 2022 release date, "Modern Warfare 2" has suffered a long list of bugs and issues. These include server problems, parties crashing, and audio errors, among a number of additional server issues. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions out there to fix any "Modern Warfare 2" connection issues you may encounter.

Solving your connectivity problems

Activision's very own support page offers a bevy of solutions if you're facing connectivity issues while playing "Modern Warfare 2." First and foremost, if you run into any "Modern Warfare 2" of these problems, the company suggests checking the game's server status online. After all, if the game's servers are down, nothing can be done on your end. 


If the game's servers are functioning, there are a series of steps you can take next. First, test your console's internet connection. If that connection is solid, check to make sure that the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live service (whichever one you happen to be using) is online. If everything checks out so far, you should next restart and test your router and other "bandwidth-heavy applications." If all else fails, it never hurts to reset your console and reinstall the game itself.

However, if none of those steps solves the problem, it's time to contact Activision's support services or those of the device you are playing on.