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Dead By Daylight: Everything Added In The Forged In Fog Update

"Dead by Daylight" has received a steady stream of updates since its release in June 2016, furthering the evolution of the asymmetrical game genre. Major drops typically introduce new Survivors and Killers to the roster, with horror movie legends such as Pinhead of "Hellraiser" joining the cast over the years. Developer Behaviour Interactive even revealed the franchise's first gay character back in April 2022 as part of the "Devotion" expansion.


Currently, "Dead by Daylight" is in its 26th chapter (similar to seasons in other games). As with past chapters, Behaviour Interactive will add some new content as part of its "Forged In Fog" November update. The patch will go live on November 22 across all platforms and will include fresh characters with unique perks and even a new map. Here's a breakdown of everything coming to "Dead by Daylight" as part of the latest chapter.

New Survivor: Vittorio Toscano

As part of the November update, "Dead by Daylight" will introduce a new survivor named Vittorio Toscano.  Born in 14th century Italy, Toscano lived his life as a pacifist despite the fact that his father forced him to participate in combat training. After being attacked by one of his peers on orders from his trainer, Toscano refused to go on the offensive, instead electing to parry and dodge his opponent's attacks. Despite this defensive fighting style, his attacker died after a parry sent him falling onto his own weapon. Following this encounter, Toscano vowed off using weapons for good.


In line with his peaceful backstory, Toscano's Unique Perks — Potential Energy, Fogwise, and Quick Gambit — are all based around knowledge and misdirection. These abilities "allow him to store Generator progress to use later, reveal the Killer's location after a Great Skill Check, and give others a speed boost while repairing."

New Killer: The Knight

"Forged In Fog" won't only give players access to a new Survivor — a new Killer will also be playable. This Killer's name is Tarhos Kovács, but you'll know him better as The Knight. Unlike Toscano, The Knight's entire life has been shaped and molded by violence. When he was just a kid, the village his family lived in was raided. Possibly in an attempt to spare him from a potentially brutal and painful death, Kovács' mother fed him some sort of alchemical substance. However, the substance didn't kill the future Knight, as he later woke up in a mass grave. Kovács was then captured by the hostile group that attacked his home and eventually become The Knight, one of Italy's most feared warriors.


In-game, The Knight comes with three perks: Nowhere to Hide, Hex: Face the Darkness, and Hubris. Nowhere to Hide reveals the aura of any Survivors within a 24 meter radius for up to 5 seconds after damaging a Generator. Hex: Face the Darkness makes Survivors scream and their auras show for 2 seconds. The last perk, Hubris, is especially handy due to it causing a survivor to suffer the Exposed effect for 20 seconds after they've stunned you. This perk has a 20-second cooldown.

New Map: The Shattered Square

Completing the new additions included in the "Forged in Fog" expansion, "Dead by Daylight" will introduce a never-before-seen map called The Shattered Square. The map literally resembles some concepts of Hell — it's a fiery and desolate wasteland with dead trees, dilapidated structures, copious amounts of red fog, and almost everything seems to have been burned. Faint gusts of wind and crow calls can be heard in the background, completing the map's foreboding and evil vibe.


Despite seemingly being set in the middle of a field, the Shattered Square plays out as more of a maze during actual gameplay (via Syrekx). There are plenty of walls players will be able to utilize to avoid whichever Killer is in pursuit and tons of corners they can use to their advantage. Shattered Square also boasts some unique designs when it comes to some of its assets, which has earned it praise from the fan base. There have, however, been some complaints of how they blend into the rest of the map for colorblind players, even when the colorblind filter is enabled.