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Fans Want A New Romance For Sonic

"Sonic Frontiers" is finally out and, while the latest adventure of the speedy hedgehog has fans and critics divided regarding its quality, it does seem to have united lots of fans about one thing. It's time for Sonic to find a new love. Gamers are now rooting for Sonic to embrace his feelings for a sometimes rival and regular ally in the series.

Canonically speaking, Sonic has a certain romantic tension with Amy Rose, who considers herself his girlfriend. While Sonic has never fully reciprocated these feelings, she has been the closest thing to a romantic partner for Sonic since her introduction. Many fans, however, have been shipping Sonic and a different character for some time. For these fans, the true romantic match for Sonic is his pal, Knuckles the Echidna.

This particular match has had supporters for years. The hypothetical relationship has its own wiki page, which dubs the couple Sonuckles, and multiple alternate names that have become Twitter hashtags, including Sonkunx and Knuxonic. With the release of "Sonic Frontiers," however, these fans believe they've found new evidence to support this particular ship. Based on cutscenes, they argue, there's no way Sonic and Knuckles can't have eyes for one another. 

Are Sonic and Knuckles flirting in Sonic Frontiers?

During the first scene with Knuckles in "Sonic Frontiers," Sonic saves his friend, who is trapped in hologram form, from imprisonment, and the two catch each other up on their recent adventures while trading some playful banter. While some could interpret this as simple pleasantries between friends, others are convinced there's something more behind the pair's words and glances.

Some fans claim that Sonic and Knuckles interacting in this new game officially won them over to shipping the pair. Others are claiming they detect a mix of romance and rivalry where an argument could quickly transition to "furiously making out." Others are calling out the "bedroom eyes" the two have for one another and suggesting that they should "just get married already."

While the occasional fan argues against this ship, suggesting that Sonic and Knuckles exhibit more of a sibling rivalry, the overwhelming majority seem certain that there is, at the least, a tension between them and that no non-romantic explanation could exist to explain their flirting in "Sonic Frontiers."

Every fan will have to check out the game and decide for themselves but, for many, the verdict is in. Sonic and Knuckles are very in love, and they're absolutely perfect for each other.