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The Best Bryson 800 Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

With each new iteration in the "Call of Duty" series, there are plenty of new weapons to use in one's efforts to send enemies into the dirt. 2022's "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is no different, and with the addition of weapon tuning, there are loads of options to consider while customizing one's go-to loadout. When jumping into the fray of either the classic or new multiplayer modes, finding and tweaking a weapon to one's liking is crucial.

Players start with the majority of the game's weapons locked, but one particular boomstick players have access to right away is the Bryson 800 shotgun. This powerful pellet-projector, inspired by the real-world Mossberg 590 (per Gaming Intel), is wonderful for close-quarters engagements. A single shot from the Bryson 800 is enough to end any foe's killstreak — so long as they're within range. However, with the large amount of attachments available within "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," players can make this shotgun even deadlier.

The ideal Bryson 800 attachments

As stated within "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" itself, "the Bryson 800 is synonymous with versatility." By its very nature, each shot the Bryson delivers will deal high damage at the cost of a slightly lower rate of fire. This can spell disaster in specific situations for players that don't manage to either catch an enemy by surprise or off their foe in a single shot. So, how should the Bryson 800 be modified to improve its killing power? According to Charlie Intel and Dot Esports, there seems to be a consensus on some of the best attachments available for the Bryson, while some will require players themselves to decide what works best for their playstyle and/or situational battles.

For the gun's Muzzle and Barrel, the combination of the Bryson Improved Choke and 21.5" Bryson Shredder will effectively increase the weapon's damage output, bullet velocity, and range while also keeping the gun's recoil under control. Both outlets agreed on this much, but then opinions started to differ. For the Underbarrel, the two recommended options are the VX Pineapple and Operator Foregrip, which both increase hip fire accuracy and control.

When it comes to the Stock, the sites differed once more, favoring either the Sawed-Off Mod or Stockless Pistol Grip. However, each of these attachments offer the exact same pros and cons with aesthetics marking the only difference. Finally, the STOVL Tac Laser is the best choice for improving both hip fire accuracy and hip recoil control. Using these attachments as a foundation, one could easily make their own minor adjustments to dominate their opponents with the Bryson 800.