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Netflix's Dragon Age Series Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

"Dragon Age: Absolution," Netflix's long-awaited "Dragon Age" adaptation, finally has a release date. The streaming giant just dropped the first trailer for the "Dragon Age" animated series on Thursday, November 10, introducing viewers to protagonist Miriam and her story. Miriam and her crew are tasked with acquiring a blood magic artifact and keeping it out of the wrong hands. In a climactic trailer showcasing the main cast, cameo characters, and cryptic plot, Netflix revealed to fans that the show would be available to stream on Dec. 9, 2022 — less than a month from now.

"Dragon Age: Absolution" isn't based directly on any one "Dragon Age" game, but takes inspiration from the series' lore as a whole. It also apparently includes cameos from a few popular characters, like Cassandra and Leilana from "Dragon Age: Inquisition," which fans pointed out in the YouTube comments. The show's progress stayed a mystery in the months following its announcement, as its producers didn't release any additional details. Now fans know that Netflix and its partners were busy making sure that their next update would meet an imminent launch window.

Netflix and BioWare first announced "Dragon Age: Absolution" back in June 2022, touting it as an original story starring new characters in the nation of Teventir. All six episodes will be available on December 9, so subscribers will be able to marathon the series before Christmas. If it is anything like the highly successful "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners" adaptation, video game and anime fans will be in for a treat.