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Will Marvel Snap Ever Get PVP Multiplayer?

With how popular "Marvel Snap" has become, players have asked one question again and again: When will the game allow matchmaking with friends? While the card battler already features PvP, some individuals would prefer to take on more familiar enemies in private lobbies than online strangers. Thankfully, developer Second Dinner has plans to grant this particular wish, though perhaps not in the manner players would expect.


Currently, "Marvel Snap" pits players against random enemies, a pool consisting of bots and real people. These matches pair each player with others of a comparable rank, as reported by The Washington Post. However, players have no ability to choose a specific opponent. But that will change soon. In fact, a Second Dinner spokesperson revealed to the Post that, though it didn't make it into the start of the "Warriors of Wakanda" season, a private match "battle mode" will go live before the end of 2022. However, battle mode won't look like the standard "Marvel Snap" skirmishes players now know. 

How will battle mode work in Marvel Snap?

The team behind "Marvel Snap" potentially chose to introduce battle mode for two reasons. First, they needed a way for players to matchmake with their friends. Second, they may have wanted to discourage cheating. In traditional "Snap" matches, players can bet they're going to win by snapping and putting as many as 8 rank points on the table. Winner takes the rank points. Garnering enough skill points by raking up wins allows players to unlock all sorts of upgrade materials and other fun aesthetics. 


According to The Washington Post, the game's developers might have been afraid that this system could be abused and that some players would snap against their friends over and over again to boost their rank. Instead, the game will introduce battle mode, in which two players face off in not just one, but a series of matches. Each player begins the set with 10 health points. Instead of betting rank points, when players snap in battle mode, they wager health points. 

If you're dying to hop into some PvP multiplayer matches with your friends in "Marvel Snap," hold on. You won't have to wait much longer.