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God Of War Ragnarök: What's The Best Grip For The Leviathan Axe?

When Santa Monica Studio brought Kratos back from the grave with 2018's "God of War," the developers were tasked with setting the character's new series apart from the original three games. In terms of narrative, placing the Greek god amongst the Norse pantheon was an interesting twist. But the gameplay needed a shake up as well, especially combat. Of course, the Chaos Blades would have to return, but Kratos also required new, iconic weapons to set this era of the franchise apart. The Leviathan Axe did just that. 


In much the same way as Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, from the Marvel Universe, the Leviathan Axe returns to Kratos' hand at any time. It's introduction in 2018 added a relatively simple yet dynamic element to battle, and the axe has reemerged in "God of War Ragnarök." Since the follow-up sees Kratos face off against Thor himself, players will probably want to upgrade the Leviathan Axe as much as possible. This includes giving it the best available grip. But which one will grant you the greatest advantage?

Choose the Grip of the Fallen Alchemist for valuable health boosts

When it comes to grips for the Leviathan Axe in "God of War Ragnarök," players have many options to choose from. These grips provide different buffs. For instance, the Grip of Radiant Reflection confers a charge of the Permafrost skill with every successful ranged attack of the axe. Another example, the Stonecutter's Knob, buffs Kratos' physical abilities, namely strength and defense.


But none of these stack up to the game's best axe grip, the Grip of the Fallen Alchemist. This grip, which can be found in a legendary chest in Alfheim after "The Reckoning" level, grants players a random chance at gaining a boost in health with each use of the Serpent's Snare skill. In difficult battles against frustrating "Ragnarök" bosses, receiving occasional bonus health can greatly improve your odds. So, as you progress to later levels in the game, make sure you have the Grip of the Fallen Alchemist attached to your Leviathan Axe.