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This Is The Most Frustrating God Of War Ragnarok Boss

The grand return of Kratos in Santa Monica Studios' 2018 "God of War" proved that the old Spartan's god-killing days aren't quite over yet. Now he and his son Atreus' saga continues in the brand new "God of War Ragnarok," where they will fight their way across the nine realms and battle numerous members of the Norse pantheon. Early reports stated that the massive boss battles spread across the 40-ish hour campaign have continued the tradition of blowing audiences away with giant, cinematic spectacles. Each of these battles is unique, and while there is a joy to be had in the challenge presented by these boss fights, some are much more difficult than others.

"Ragnarok" introduced several new enemies, such as the Berserkers, but just like in Santa Monica Studios' previous "God of War" game, the most challenging enemies in "Ragnarok" are the Valkyries. Two of them, Hrist and Mist, are now enemies that must be fought as part of the campaign, but one secret boss fight gives Kratos the option to fight Gná, the Valkyrie Queen. Not only is she the most dangerous of these winged warriors Kratos has ever faced, she's easily the most challenging boss in the game. Beating her unlocks the PlayStation trophy 'True Queen.'

Gná is even harder than Sigrún

To face Gná, players will first have to defeat all of the other Valkyries in the game and unlock The Crucible Favour by finding one of the two Musphelheim Seed Halves, which are both located in Svartalfheim. Gná will be located at the end of the path through the enclave just south of the dwarves' workshop.

Part of the reason this fight is so tricky is because of the way Gná moves. She's fast, like the Valkyrie Queen Sigrún was in the first game, but she also has an even more extensive array of attacks at her disposal. She can lunge and sweep at Kratos with melee weapons or her metallic wings — but she will also use sigil magic to launch torrents of flame, call down beams of energy, hurl meteors and even perform massive electric AOE attacks.

It's not that finding an opening in Gná's defense is difficult; the main issue is that she has a massive health bar, and each of her attacks has the potential to be devastating. Only those who have mastered the Ghost of Sparta's abilities and adequately leveled his gear will stand a chance at defeating her.