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God Of War Ragnarök: What's The Best Armor Set?

In the original "God of War" series, players didn't have the option to switch Kratos' look. In fact, minus a few small variations here and there, Kratos had only one outfit for those first few games: his trademark tattoos, sandals and a loincloth. When Santa Monica Studio first came up with a plan to revive the series, they knew they had to switch things up. So, with both 2018's "God of War" and 2022's "God of War Ragnarök," the studio did just that. 

In both games, players can collect armor sets for Kratos to wear. These outfits aren't just for aesthetic purposes, but provide additional buffs to Kratos. Within "God of War Ragnarök," the armor set you choose makes a massive difference and can determine whether you succeed or fail in a tricky encounter. If you want to finally beat the game and complete the franchise's Norse saga, it helps to have the best armor possible.

The best armor in God of War Ragnarök

There are plenty of armor sets available for "God of War Ragnarök" players, and each comes with different buffs. For example, Nidavellir armor boosts strength, defense, and vitality, along with various abilities per piece. The Lunda set is interesting as well. For the most part, it buffs strength, defense and runic abilities. While many options provide decent bonuses, one stands above the rest: the Steinbjorn armor set.

The Steinbjorn armor set primarily buffs defense (the Steinbjorn Gauntlets also boost strength). This may not seem like much, but the set's real strength is found in each piece's ability. When your health is low, the chest armor piece (the Steinbjorn Plackart) restores Kratos's health. Both the gauntlets and the Steinbjorn Waist Guard improve the chance of staggering and stunning enemies whenever damage is taken. These abilities combined, along with each piece's massive increase to Kratos's defense, make this set invaluable for late-game battles against enemies with high damage output. So, before going head-to-head with the most frustrating bosses of "God of War Ragnarök," make sure you snag the entire Steinbjorn armor set.