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How Long Does It Take To Beat Signalis?

Developed by rose-engine, indie adventure horror title "Signalis" harkens back to older narrative-driven games, as well as iconic IPs, such as "Resident Evil." With a tempting price tag of $19.99 — as well as availability on Xbox's Game Pass service — in addition to the fair share of critical acclaim it has received, "Signalis" could be an attractive product for gamers looking for a genre piece to sink their teeth into. 


Given its low price point and indie designation, it's fair for prospective buyers to wonder whether "Signalis" boasts enough content to keep them occupied for a reasonable amount of time. While it doesn't reach "God of War Ragnarök" levels of complexity, "Signalis" offers a versatile experience. The game has its share of combat, as well as an array of puzzles. A person's ability to solve said puzzles seems to be the key factor when determining how many hours they'll be able to squeeze out of "Signalis."

Signalis takes about 10 hours to complete

According to most critics, buyers shouldn't expect to get more than 10 hours out of a single "Signalis" playthrough. In his review for Nintendo Life, Trent Cannon said that it took him 10 hours to beat "Signalis" and that other players could expect about the same depending on how well they handle the puzzles. Eric Van Allen of Destructoid completed the game in about 9 hours. Similarly, Andrew Webster of The Verge clocked about 12 hours in "Signalis" before beating it.


Not all playthroughs were as quick, though. Writing for GameSpot, Mark Delaney reported that his playthrough surpassed the typical length by a handful of hours, though it mostly came down to his own mishaps. "Mark [Delaney] spent approximately 15 hours in the frame of Elster, though he expects it would've been shorter if some puzzles didn't stump him for a good while," the review clarified.