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The Easiest Way To Unlock Modern Warfare 2's Ghost In Training Achievement

Though it's not the longest experience out there, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's" single-player campaign has been a massive success since the game's release. In the game's warmly received narrative, players rejoin Task Force 141 and its allies as they attempt to foil a dastardly terrorist plot. But unlike traditional war stories, the single-player campaign in "Modern Warfare 2" will take you into some unexpected areas, such as Mexico, where Task Force 141 will be required to take on a fierce local drug cartel.


In Mission 11, titled "El Sin Nombre," main character Soap McTavish must capture the elusive El Sin Nombre — the leader of this Mexican cartel — and extract vital information. This is mostly a stealth mission, so doing your best Solid Snake impression and avoiding detection is the name of the game. However, there is also a coveted achievement available to players who prove to be especially adept at this aspect of gameplay, which will award them the "Ghost in Training" achievement. Left to their own devices, many players will have a hard time unlocking this achievement. But it's actually relatively easy when done a specific way.

The Ghost in Training achievement requires you to be super sneaky

As the name of the achievement suggests, unlocking the "Ghost in Training" achievement is completely based on stealth. But not just any kind of stealth — you will need to leave absolutely no trace. This includes not just avoiding detection, but you need to not engage with the enemy at all. It sounds daunting, sure. But if you play your cards right, it's straightforward.


When tasked with infiltrating the penthouse in "El Sin Nombre," you will come across Alejandro. After he gives you the mask, immediately run down the hallway and onto the balcony. The people around you aren't hostile and won't raise any alarms when seeing you. Continue down the balcony until you reach a small courtyard area. Climb onto the balcony at its far end, immediately go into a crouch position, and avoid the nearby enemy by quickly going through the first door on the right.

Once you've entered the door, hop over the ledge and take the ladder to your right onto the roof.

Use distractions when on the roof

Upon reaching the roof, things will be a bit harder. A sniper will patrol the area while another enemy will keep watch from behind. These two will be easy to sneak around, but only if you take the appropriate path. Upon arriving at the roof level, immediately head west and take cover behind the skylight. Be sure to grab the two bottles on the chair, which will be in your path.


After taking cover behind the skylight, wait for the sniper to move past you, and then take cover behind the wall across from you. The enemy behind will remain in place, but you won't be detected if you move quickly. Once you move to cover, look northeast, and you should see a lounge chair. Throw a bottle at it to temporarily distract the enemy who is standing nearby. After you throw the bottle, quickly move to the gap between the small wall you're hiding behind and throw another bottle at the lounge chair.

Once you've done this, you can sneak to the ladder at the north end of the rooftop. Upon ascending the ladder, you will link up with Alejandro, and it's smooth sailing from there. Head into the elevator shaft with Alejandro, press the button to go down, and then press the stop button once the third-floor door is half exposed. Walk into the door, and you will have unlocked the "Ghost in Training" achievement. Brilliant work!